New Number Ones: New Comics Series Coming in August 2022

August has a massive list of new series hitting the stands! We have compiled an alphabetical list with cover art and the official solicitation text from the publishers of some of the cool new comics that are coming out this month. Check below for our PCS NOTES to find out what we just have to tell you about the new comics in question.

This month, we have books on the list from: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, AfterShock Comics, Image Comics, Boom! Studios, Ablaze Comics, AWA/Upshot Studios, A Wave Blue World, IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, Abstract Studio, and Scout Comics.

This is another fun five Wednesday month. The bulk of the interesting new number ones will be found in the first week with just a couple in the last week.

We will bring you reviews of these debut issues as they come out, and don’t forget to use the comments section to let us know what you think of this list.

You will find the books listed below in the order of when they are released.

Week of 8/3/22
Week of 8/10/22
Week of 8/17/22
Week of 8/24/22
Week of 8/31/22

Week of August 3

Batman: White Knight Presents – Red Hood #1
DC Comics
Written by Sean Murphy & Clay McCormack
Art by Simone Di Meo & Dave Stewart
Cover Art by Murphy & Stewart

“Bruce Wayne is Batman.” Four words that saved Jason’s life and destroyed his future forever. Banished by his mentor and damaged by The Joker, the former Robin is left to become something different, something stronger, a relentless force for justice in the city…Red Hood! With nobody to answer to, he walks the dangerous line between hero and villain. That is until he meets Gan, a local girl from East Backport who needs his help to save her neighborhood from a super-criminal terrorizing its citizens. And she’s willing to fight alongside him, whatever it takes!

Release Date: August 2, 2022

The Dead Lucky #1
Image Comics
Written by Melissa Flores
Art by French Carlomagno & Mattia Iacono
Cover Art by Carlomagno

San Francisco is changing. Tech consortium Morrow is building the city of the future with “peacekeeper” robots looming on every corner—and wherever Morrow isn’t, the Salvation gang is. Bibiana Lopez-Yang is changing too. She came back from Afghanistan with PTSD and the ability to control electrical currents. If she can hold it together, she might be the hero San Francisco needs. But against an enemy this big, it isn’t enough to be good. She’ll have to be lucky.

From debut writer MELISSA FLORES and superstar art team FRENCH CARLOMAGNO and MATTIA IACONO  comes the newest book in the MASSIVE-VERSE!

Release Date: August 3, 2022

PCS NOTES: I am interested in this superpower inclusive book from newer creators.

Edge of Spider-Verse #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Dan Slott, Alex Segura, Karla Pacheco, & Dustin Weaver
Art by Mark Bagley, Weaver, Pere Perez, Martin Coccolo, Caio Majado, D.J. Bryant, & Brian Reber
Cover Art by Josemaria Casanovas

THE END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE IS COMING! edge (’ej) noun – 1. outermost limit of an object. – 2. the sharp side of a blade. The leading edge of the Spider-Verse brought you Spider-Gwen and Peni Parker. This final edge will introduce you to some of the most important characters in the future of the Spider-Verse…but it will also slice the final strand of the web. IN THIS ISSUE: SPIDER-MAN NOIR! ARAÑA’S NEW STATUS QUO! SPIDER-REX AND MORE!

Release Date: August 3, 2022

PCS NOTES: Spideriffic stories from some great creators. Looks good to me.

Elle(s) #1
Ablaze Comics
Written by Kid Toussaint
Art by Aveline Stokart
Cover Art by Stoikart

Elle is just another teenage girl…most of the time. Bubbly and good-natured, she wastes no time making friends on her first day at her new school. But Elle has a secret: she hasn’t come alone. She’s brought with her a colorful mix of personalities, which come out when she least expects it…

Who is Elle, really? And will her new friends stand by her when they find out the truth?

Release Date: August 3, 2022

PCS NOTES: This is a book where the cover image and solicitation are intriguing enough for us to add a super low hyped book to this month’s list

Frankenstein: New World #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, & Tom Sniegoski
Art by Peter Bergting & Michelle Madsen
Cover Art by Bergting

Safely tucked away inside the hollow earth where humanity survived after Ragna Rok, precocious young Lilja receives visions of a new darkness taking root on the surface. Defying her elders, Lilja awakens the timeless oracle––once known as Frankenstein––to investigate the warnings and, perhaps, even explore the new world above.

Frankenstein: New World, from Mike Mignola, Thomas Sniegoski, Christopher Golden, and artist Peter Bergting, explores a new chapter in the world of Hellboy!

Release Date: August 3, 2022

Golden Rage #1
Image Comics
Written by Chrissy Williams
Art by Lauren Knight & Sophie Dodgson
Cover Art by Knight

In a world where older women who’ve been deemed useless to society are abandoned on an island, GOLDEN RAGE documents their golden years of making friends, baking dessert, and fighting to the death.

Created by writer CHRISSY WILLIAMS, artist LAUREN KNIGHT, and colorist SOFIE DODGSON, this is the FIRST ISSUE of a brand-new five-issue miniseries where Battle Royale meets The Golden Girls.

Release Date: August 3, 2022

PCS NOTES: Just…. Yes!!! I want this!!

The New Champion of Shazam! #1
DC Comics
Written by Josie Campbell
Art by Evan Shaner
Cover Art by Shaner

Mary Bromfield has always struggled to determine who she is outside her family…kinda hard to do when you’re all superheroes! Now, after Billy Batson’s heroic sacrifice, the power of Shazam has vanished, and she’s been left powerless. Most heroes would be distraught, but not Mary. It’s finally time for a voyage of self-discovery as she prepares for her freshman year of college and a civilian life. But nothing is ever truly normal for this young hero, because she’s just been chosen as the new champion of Shazam! (At least according to a talking rabbit sent by her estranged brother Billy.) Will she embrace the power? Or will it die along with this world’s hope of survival against the mysterious magical forces waiting to take control? Find out in Mary’s first solo miniseries, brought to you by up-and-coming comics writer Josie Campbell (Future State: Green Lantern) and fan-favorite Shazam artist Evan Doc Shaner (Strange Adventures, Convergence: Shazam!)!

Release Date: August 2, 2022

PCS NOTES: I will come for Doc Shaner on any version of Shazam (Captain Marvel) anytime, anywhere!

Rick and Morty: Crisis on C-137 #1
Oni Press
Written by Stephanie Phillips
Art by Ryan Lee & Doug Garbark
Cover Art by Lee

THE EPIC CONCLUSION IS HERE! Dr. Infinity has the upper hand as Rick and his ragtag band of rebels take on the most fearsome weapon in the universe, with the freedom of all the cosmos at stake. With the Vindicators gone, it’s up to Rick, Morty, and Noob Noob to defend the galaxy against a threat from beyond time!

Release Date: August 3, 2022

PCS NOTES: I think this creative team has the potential to put together an hilarious romp of a comic book, and we are here for it. 

Sacrament #1
AWA / Upshot Studios
Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Marcelo Frusin
Cover Art by Frusin

The Exorcist meets Alien in this sci-fi/horror story. In the year 3000, Mankind abandoned Earth and fled into outer space.

Now, a disgraced priest, called into action to perform an exorcism on a remote space colony, is about to discover that no matter how far you run, you can’t escape your demons, and the Devil is, in fact, real

Release Date: August 3, 2022

PCS NOTES: This is for you weekly dose of new dark and scary comics from a master story teller. 

Survival Street #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by James Asmus & Jim Festante
Art by Abylay Kussainov & Ellie Wright
Cover Art by Kussainov

Survival Street is a unrepentant action satire tearing through a dystopia packed with economic and humanistic cautionary tales.

After an unbridled wave of corporations take over America, the country is left completely deregulated and effectively carved up into feudal states where billionaires and businesses make their own laws. Among the wreckage, mass privatization shuts down public broadcasting, forcing all the beloved “edutainers” out on the down and dirty streets. One group of them stick together, determined to keep helping kids across the country and do it by becoming an A-Team-esque band of mercenaries fighting for (and educating!) kids in the crumbling, corporate war zone of New Best America.

Release Date: August 3, 2022

PCS NOTES: Need some satire in your life? Go for this one. 

Sword of Azrael #1
DC Comics
Written by Dan Watters
Art by Nikola Cizmesija & Marissa Louise
Cover Art by Cizmesija & Romulo Fajardo Jr.

THE WARRIOR ANGEL OF ST. DUMAS RETURNS! Jean-Paul Valley does not want to be Azrael ever again. All it has brought him is pain, violence, and misery. He has sequestered himself away at a monastery in Europe to find peace. But when a young woman who claims to have the same System programming that made Jean-Paul into Azrael arrives at the monastery, he won’t have a choice but to don his violent mantle of Azrael once more to protect her from the deadly assassins who wish her harm. From the rising star creative team of Dan Watters (Arkham City: The Order of the World, Lucifer) and Nikola Cižmešija (Batman: Urban Legends, Future State: Gotham) this miniseries will redefine one of the Batman world’s most iconic and fierce characters.

Release Date: August 2, 2022

Vineyard #1
AfterShock Comics
Written by Bryan Hawkins
Art by Sami Kivela & Jason Wordie
Cover Art by Kivela & Wordie

THE VINEYARD is a family-owned winery that sows and reaps by the blessing of the great god of wine and revelry, Dionysus. However, the Vines family’s patron god requires complete devotion in the form of four sacrificial killings a year before each harvest. This has been done in unfettered obeisance. But all of that changed when the family’s patriarch, Didache Vines, was in a horrible accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

Now, the sacrificial and murderous duties of the Vines family have fallen to wife and matriarch, Maranatha Vines. With harvest season fast approaching and the family short of their annual sacrificial killings, Maranatha’s struggle with her conscience puts all of her family – husband, son and daughter – in jeopardy.

Written by Brian Hawkins and illustrated by Sami Kivelä, THE VINEYARD is what happens when family values and otherworldly obligations collide.

Release Date: August 3, 2022

PCS NOTES: I expect this book to look great, but I am very interested in what the story has to say. 

Week of August 10

007 #1
Dynamite Entertainment
Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Art by Marco Finnegan
Cover Art by Tommy Lee Edwards

OO7 is back in action! After a high-stakes rescue mission is mysteriously, violently sabotaged, Bond’s future at MI6 hangs in the balance. As he awaits his fate, James Bond is urgently contacted by an old flame and mentor: Gwendolyn Gann, formerly Agent OO3, who warns Bond of an existential threat to England and the global balance of power. But before they can meet, OO3 turns up dead, sending Bond on the most personal mission of his career: find Gwendolyn Gann’s killers, and expose the shadowy organization known only as “Myrmidon.”

Release Date: August 10, 2022

PCS NOTES: We have been looking forward to this for a while. Check out our interview with writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson to see what he had to say about what to expect.

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1
DC Comics
Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Trevor Hairsine, Andy Lanning, & Rain Beredo
Cover Art by Hairsine & Beredo

What began as a battle for Earth has become a war for the galaxy as the epic final chapter in the massive DCeased franchise is here! The emergence of a reborn, undead Darkseid in DCeased: Dead Planet sets the stage for the most devastating conflict yet for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman! As the Anti-Life Equation spreads into the cosmos, the survivors of Earth prepare for the coming apocalypse and realize their only hope could lie in the most powerful surviving hero from the first DCeased series… The bestselling creative team of Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine return for their third and final installment in War of the Undead Gods!

Release Date: August 9, 2022

Deadliest Bouquet #1
Image Comics
Written by Erica Shultz
Art by Carola Borelli & Gab Contreras
Cover Art by Adriana Melo

Jasmine Hawthorn was a hard-edged Nazi hunter who trained her children well in the art of espionage. But in 1998, when her complicated past finally catches up with her, it’s up to her three estranged daughters, Rose, Poppy, and Violet, to solve their mom’s murder—if they can avoid killing each other in the process.

Release Date: August 10, 2022

PCS NOTES: We happily supported this as a Kickstarter and are excited to see it hit the stores for everyone to get to read.

Love Everlasting #1
Image Comics
Written by Tom King
Art by Elsa Charretier & Matt Hollingsworth
Cover Art by Charretier

Joan Peterson discovers that she is trapped in an endless, terrifying cycle of “romance”—a problem to be solved, a man to marry—and every time she falls in love she’s torn from her world and thrust into another teary saga. Her bloody journey to freedom and revelation starts in this breathtaking, groundbreaking FIRST ISSUE.

From superstar award-winning creators TOM KING and ELSA CHARRETIER, comes a new ONGOING SERIES in the tradition of SANDMAN and SAGA.

Release Date: August 10, 2022

PCS NOTES: Tom King’s first creator owned story in years will be a sight to see through the masterful lines of Elsa Charretier.

Parker Girls #1
Abstract Studios
Written by Terry Moore
Art by Moore
Cover Art by Moore

When Annie Graham’s lifeless body washes up Venice beach, the nation mourns the loss of a popular actress. Police suspect her death was no accident but Graham’s husband-billionaire Zachary Lot-has the best lawyers money can buy and the investigation stalls. That’s when Tambi Baker decides to take matters into her own hands and enlist three of her finest Parker Girl operatives to bring the Lot Empire down, one shocking scandal at a time.

Release Date: August 10, 2022

PCS NOTES: You can never go wrong reading what Terry Moore is creating.

Predator #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Ed Brisson
Art by Kev Walker & Frank D’Armata
Cover Art by Leinil Francis Yu & Sunny Gho

HUNT. KILL. REPEAT. In the near future, a young girl sees her family slaughtered by the deadliest and most feared hunter in the universe: a PREDATOR. Years later, though her ship is barely holding together and food is running short, Theta won’t stop stalking the spaceways until the Yautja monster who killed her family is dead…or she is. Ed Brisson (IRON FIST, GHOST RIDER) and Kev Walker (DR. STRANGE, DOCTOR APHRA) forge a violent, heartbreaking, unforgettable new chapter in the PREDATOR saga not to be missed!

Release Date: August 10, 2022

PCS NOTES: Marvel’s latest licensed property hits the stands with a good creative team at the controls.

X-Men: Legends #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Roy Thomas
Art by Dave Watcher
Cover Art by Kaare Andrews

AN ALL-NEW TALE SET BEFORE GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1! Before GIANT-SIZE X-MEN brought STORM, WOLVERINE, COLOSSUS, NIGHTCRAWLER and THUNDERBIRD to the team, Roy Thomas redefined the merry mutants in two seminal runs on the book. Now he, at long last, returns to the saga of the X-MEN to take us through the period between his run and GSX, for the first time detailing Wolverine’s government missions before his recruitment by PROFESSOR X (including unrevealed detail on his battle with the green goliath in THE INCREDIBLE HULK #181/182), an untold episode involving BEAST and a host of missing mutants, and the secret behind Wolverine’s costume! Kicking off an all-new volume of X-MEN LEGENDS by a host of legendary creators, this is but the first story in a run of new, in-continuity tales covering the length and breadth of X-Men history from the early eras to fan-favorite latter day sagas! Face front, True Believers! These are the missing links you’ve been looking for!

Release Date: August 10, 2022

PCS NOTES: Wait a second. Go back and read that solicitation again and tell me that you are not at least a little interested in this book.

Week of August 17

20th Century Men #1
Image Comics
Written by Deniz Camp
Art by S. Morian
Cover Art by Morian

At the end of the 20th century, superheroes, geniuses, madmen, and activists rush towards WWIII! A Soviet “iron” hero, a superpowered American president, an insane cyborg soldier, an Afghan woman hellbent on building a better life for her people-these strange yet familiar beings collide in a story that mixes history, politics, and comic book mythology into something totally new. Welcome to 20TH CENTURY MEN, where the edges of our reality and fiction touch, overlap…and then explode.

Release Date: August 17, 2022

Barbaric: Axe To Grind #1
Vault Comics
Written by Michael Moreci
Art by Nathan Gooden
Cover Art by Gooden

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the start of an all-new arc of BARBARIC!

Follow Owen and his magical companion, the tender, talking Axe as they spread kindness and hope in a world gone bad…just kidding! Owen, Axe, and Soren are back, and so is all the mayhem and bloodshed that follows them wherever they go! This time, they’re out to settle an old score against Gladius, a wicked a$$hole who did Owen wrong way back in his barbarian days. As always…it’s just f***ing barbaric.

Release Date: August 17, 2022

PCS NOTES: Very excited to see this book come back for a sequel.

Crash & Troy #1
A Wave Blue World
Written by Jarred Lujan
Art by Kyler Clodfelter
Cover Art by Clodfelter

Intergalactic mercenaries Rex “Crash” Ballard and Troy 3.0 find themselves in hot water after a prison break on Wexia-1 sets free the dictator of Wexia-2. Now they must clean up their mess or find themselves locked up. This means working with Chief Fiona Alvarez of the Earth Defense Forces to recapture Supreme Leader Jongil and stop interplanetary war. No sweat for two pros like Crash & Troy!

Release Date: August 17, 2022

Eternus #1
Scout Comics
Written by Don Handfield & Anastazja Davis
Art by Andy Owens & Karl Moline
Cover Art by Rob Prior

360 CE. The great god Zeus is long dead, brutally murdered in his own temple some thirty years prior. Heracles, Zeus’s son and champion, spends his days drunk and depressed as the old gods struggle to stay alive after decades of Christian disruption. When Athena’s Temple is sacked by a mysterious Centurion looking for a powerful relic that once belonged to Zeus, the old gods are convinced they have found Zeus’s killer. Now the mighty Heracles must sober up long enough to keep the lone witness, a 9-year-old blind priestess, alive long enough to identify the killer and finally find justice for his dead father.

Release Date: August 17, 2022

PCS NOTES: I gotta say that this solicitation has me intrigued.

Heart Eyes #1
Vault Comics
Written by Dennis Hopeless
Art by Victor Ibanez & Addison Duke
Cover Art by Ibanez

Sanity-eating monsters ended humanity. The unlucky few who survived now hide in the cracks of a broken world. And yet somehow, beneath the graveyard that used to be San Antonio, Rico met Lupe, the girl of his dreams. But how did she get here? And why is she smiling? No one survives out in the street. No one smiles where the monsters lurk.

Release Date: August 17, 2022

PCS NOTES: I have high hopes for this book and you should too. 

Jimmy’s Little Bastards #1
AfterShock Comics
Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Russ Braun & John Kalisz
Cover Art by Andy Clarke

After the shattering events of his last adventure, Jimmy is on extended leave from British Intelligence—sliding slowly into middle age, with carpet slippers, tragic sweater and cup of cocoa to match. The formerly sexist superspy is even reevaluating his attitude to women! His daughter (Don’t say it! Don’t you dare say it!) Nancy is taking up the slack in fine style, cutting a bloody swathe through the Regent rogues’ gallery. But a mysterious message starts Jimmy looking into his family’s murky past…where he finds a clue to a strange and deadly new danger.

Release Date: August 17, 2022

PCS NOTES: You’re gonna buy it. You know you are.

The Life and Death of the Brave Captain Suave #1
Scout Comics
Written by Joseph Sieracki
Art by Kelly Williams
Cover Art by Williams

In this action-packed, debut issue, we are introduced to the madness and heroism that is Captain Suave! A champion beyond measure, Captain Suave’s journey follows a modern-day retelling of Cervantes’s classic, Don Quixote, only this hero is convinced that he is a Golden Age superhero. Ready yourself for an adventure that must be seen to be believed, as Captain Suave and his trusty sidekick, Champ, battle the imaginary forces of evil in Cleveland, Ohio!

Release Date: August 17, 2022

PCS NOTES: Kelly Williams is a gem that often goes unheralded. This should be the end of that error.

Parasomnia: The Dreaming God #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Andrea Mutti
Cover Art by Mutti

Cullen Bunn (Harrow County) and Andrea Mutti (Bunny Mask) return with their hit adventure tale of two worlds split between dreams and reality.

As the hunt for his missing son continues, our hero shifts worlds from the nightmarish Lovecraftian dreamscape to a cyberpunk metropolis where a ruthless cult continues to plague him, and reality and fantasy continue to blur.

Release Date: August 17, 2022

Shirtless Bear-Fighter! 2 #1
Image Comics
Written by Jody LeHeup
Art by Nil Vendrell
Cover Art by Dave Johnson

FINALLY! The man, the myth, the legend—SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER RETURNS to the War on Bearror in a wild new action-comedy with higher stakes, new characters, and all the heart and hilarity you expect from series co-creators JODY LEHEUP & NIL VENDRELL!

This time, Shirtless’s search for his true origin sets him on a cosmic collision course with the bear god…URSA MAJOR! The battle begins this August with 32 ad-free pages of side-splitting, flapjacked fury! Don’t miss it!

Release Date: August 17, 2022

PCS NOTES: This series was a big hit the first time around. 

Trve Kvlt #1
IDW Publishing
Written by Scott Bryan Wilson
Art by Liana Kangas & Gab Contreras
Cover Art by Kangas

Marty Tarantella has been flipping burgers for 15 years. He has no kids, no hobbies, no love interests, and, essentially, no life. But what he does have is a plan to change everything. Years of watching the daily rhythms of the neighboring stores has given Marty the idea for a perfect heist, but when he accidentally steals a supernatural weapon from a cult full of violent lunatics, the resulting Satanic panic will be way above his minimum-wage pay grade.

Nothing can prepare you for the coming of Trve Kvlt, a deliciously horrifying and hilarious new series from SCOTT BRYAN WILSON and LIANA KANGAS.

Release Date: August 17, 2022

PCS NOTES: Do not miss this book!!!!! 

Week of August 24

Damage Control #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Hans Rodionoff, Adam F. Goldberg, & Charlotte Fullerton
Art by Jay Fosgitt & Will Robson
Cover Art by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, & Rachelle Rosenberg

FROM THE CREATOR OF TV’S THE GOLDBERGS! Marvel’s Unsung Heroes finally get sung! After the mega-powered battles and Hulk-level catastrophes, Damage Control is always there to clean up the mess and get things back to normal. But Damage Control is much more than just a glorified cleanup crew, and this new series will pull back the curtain and reveal the secret inner workings that were previously only available to people with Clearance Level Eight. And we’ll witness it all through the eyes of Gus: a fresh-faced, eager newcomer to the company who has no idea how chaotic his life is about to become. Adam F. Goldberg and Hans Rodionoff team up with Will Robson to take you into the secret labyrinth of Damage Control, where it’s totally common to run into familiar faces like Moon Knight! Nightcrawler! She-Hulk! And more! Plus: A second story by DAMAGE CONTROL creator Dwayne McDuffie’s McSpouse, Charlotte Fullerton, as the Damage Control crew must clean up after the Infinity Gauntlet!

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: Here is hoping that this book can recapture at least some of the irreverence of the original run of Damage Control.

End After End #1
Vault Comics
Written by Tim Daniel & David Andry
Art by Sunando C & K. Michael Russell
Cover Art by Sunando C

Life is nothing if not a series of endings.

School. Jobs. Friendships. Love.

Until THE end.

Walter Willem’s end was fast and unexpected. His was an unremarkable life. So, how is it that his story continues as cannon fodder in an endless war waged against an insatiable darkness hellbent on consuming all of existence?

And is Walter right in believing he’s arrived in the midst of this titanic battle as the one destined to finally end it?

That’s the tale of the End After End.

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: Vault continues to greenlight good comics and I don’t see that streak ending with this one. 

Forever Forward #1
Scout Comics
Written by Zack Kaplan
Art by Arjuna Susini & Brad Simpson
Cover Art by Jacob Phillips

A sci-fi adventure like no other, one that imagines time traveling through “the future” as an Odyssey-style mythic journey home. When brilliant young scientist Dr. Lewis Moody accidentally launches himself, his secret longtime crush and three best friends 33 years into the future with his unproven quantum time machine, they find a mysterious message from their future selves: THE ONLY WAY BACK IS FORWARD. Now, as they jump again and again through strange future times, will they one day find the technology to time-travel back, or are they doomed to hopelessly travel forward…forever?

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: I. Can’t. Wait. For. This. Book!!!!!

Gun Honey: Blood for Blood #1
Titan Comics
Written by Charlie Ardai
Art by Ang Hor Kheng
Cover Art by Adam Hughes


With weapons expert Joanna Tan, the legendary “Gun Honey,” off the grid, recuperating from her last job, a vengeful rival takes her place – and frames Joanna for murder. On the run from Malaysia to Milan, from Montana to Monaco, can Joanna catch up to her ruthless enemy…or will she catch a bullet first?

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: The first volume of Gun Honey was impressively good. We are on board for volume 2.

Minor Threats #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum
Art by Scott Hepburn & Ian Herring
Cover Art by Hepburn

It’s hard out there for a supervillain. Not the world conquerors, chaos engines, or arch-nemeses… but the little guys, the career criminals. The ones who put on uniforms, knock over jewelry stores, and get tied to telephone poles before the hero swings off to face the actual big bad. Times are tough for costumed crooks… and they’re about to get much worse. The psychotic Stickman has done the unthinkable and murdered Kid Dusk, sidekick to Twilight City’s premier crime-fighter, The Insomniac. The Insomniac’s teammates, The Continuum, are tearing Twilight apart, turning it into a terrifying police state–desperate to capture the Stickman and stop the Insomniac from “crossing that final line” in which he may never come back from.

Caught in the middle are the small-time c-list villains, finding it impossible to pull jobs or even walk down the street without being harassed by these heroes. With a bounty on the Stickman’s head, former villain Playtime decides to put together a ragtag team of equally disgruntled supervillains to take down the Stickman and kill him themselves. Leading her on a dark journey into the criminal underbelly she’s tried so hard to escape.

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: This has a smart premise, that I want to see realized in comic book form. Adding to the pull-list for sure.

Old Dog #1
Image Comics
Written by Declan Shalvey
Art by Shalvey
Cover Art by Shalvey

Old Dog follows Jack Lynch, a once-promising CIA operative. On the eve of retirement, looking back at a failed career he is tasked with one final mission …that goes horribly wrong. He wakes years later to a changed world with even deeper changes within him. When a shadowy group offers Lynch a second chance for a life of adventure, he finds himself paired with the last person he could ever imagine. In order to adjust, this old dog will have to learn some new tricks…

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: This has the promise of being a good hard-boiled adventure.

Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer #1
IDW Publishing
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Angel Hernandez & JD Mettler
Cover Art by Hernandez

Embark on a never-before-seen journey set between seasons two and three of the Paramount+ hit series Star Trek: Picard!

When the U.S.S. Stargazer goes missing near a planet from his past, Admiral Jean Luc-Picard enlists Seven’s help to unravel the mystery and save the Stargazer crew!

Release Date: August 24, 2022

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Amanda Deibert
Art by Lucas Marangon
Cover Art by Marangon

All-new all-ages adventures from throughout the galaxy!

When the members of a Republic mission led by Senator Padmé Amidala are abducted by the ruthless Separatist General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi jump to the rescue. But the operation quickly goes awry, and the Jedi find themselves cut off and surrounded by an army of battle droids!

Danger and deception at the height of the Clone Wars, in Star Wars: Hyperspace #1!

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: This anthology series kicks off with a bang. We are looking forward to the first adventure in this series. 

Wynd: The Throne in the Sky #1
Boom! Studios
Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Michael Dialynas
Cover Art by Dialynas

The WYND saga continues in this epic new volume from Eisner Award winner James Tynion IV (Batman, Something is Killing the Children) and artist Michael Dialynas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), the GLAAD Award-winning creative team behind The Woods.

The land of Esseriel has grown darker and more dangerous, as tensions between the human and faerie realms threaten to erupt into all-out war.

Could Wynd be the only hope for peace? And what will his destiny be if he truly is one of the legendary WINGED ONES?

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary fantasy adventure, and discover a world of mysterious legends, ancient prophecies, and the brave heroes at the center of it all!

Release Date: August 24, 2022

Week of August 31

Thunderbolts #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Jim Zub
Art by Sean Izaakse
Cover Art by David Nakayama

…LIKE LIGHTNING! New York City’s finest are here to save the day—Hawkeye, Spectrum, America Chavez, Power Man, Persuasion and Gutsen Glory! You know ’em, you love ’em…they’re the Thunderbolts! In the aftermath of DEVIL’S REIGN, the Big Apple has big problems, and it’s up to a new group of Thunderbolts to turn things around. But when Clint Barton gets tasked with heading up this team and proving they can go toe-to-toe with anything the Marvel Universe can throw at them, the first opponent he’s going to have to face is himself.

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: What a great team of creators to bring back this title with and interesting cast of characters!!!

Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1
IDW Publishing
Written by Danny Lore
Art by Marcelo Matere & John-Paul Bove
Cover Art by Nick Brokenshire

Shattered Glass is back! Optimus Prime is a ruthless tyrant, and Megatron is a compassionate peacekeeper. Cybertron sits on the brink of war as Autobots and Decepticons race to gain control of a Titan that could destroy either side in nanocycles. While everyone has their eyes on the Titan, Ultra Magnus, a powerful shadow broker, puts into action a plan kilocylces in the making…

Release Date: August 24, 2022

PCS NOTES: Interested.