Milestone Generations on HBOMax is Comic Book History That Must Be Watched

Comic books is an artform that is founded on community. The best comics are ones that reflect and explore humanity through both realism and fantasy. The people who make comics do it because they love it. The new documentary released on HBOMax Milestone Generations is about a group of people who loved comics and changed the industry by believing in themselves and making comics that had not been done before.

The film follows the foundation and the rise, fall, and resurrection of Milestone Media. It is full of real stories of how the inception of the groundbreaking comic company went down. It chronicles the successes and downfalls that the creators went through. The theme that is conveyed throughout is that the company is and always was about telling diverse stories about diverse people created by diverse people,

Throughout the history of Milestone, their comics have dealt with important and sometimes controversial issues facing society. Sometimes those issues caused backlash, and the film does a good job of highlighting some of those events.

The documentary features first person interviews with the people who created the company and the people carrying on its legacy today. If you care about comic books you should watch this film. If you care about representation in any form of media, you should watch this film. If you care about stories that reflect society, you should watch this film.

Milestone Media holds a very important place in comic history. The comics being made today would not be what they are if Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, Dwayne McDuffie, and Derek Dingle did not have the vision and courage to bring Milestone into existence.

You can watch the film now on HBOMax