Mid Year Reminder

As a lot of people in America are off from work today, we wanted to take the time to remind our readers and squad members what Pop Culture Squad stands for. We are so proud to have all of you with us and enjoying our content and look for it to continue into our 5th year of existence. We hope everyone will be safe today and have fun with friends and family.

So, without further ado, here is a repost of the credo of PCS from our fearless leader:


We Believe Women.

Black Lives Matter.

Love is Love is Love is Love.

AR-15s are weapons of war not personal protection.

We are sex positive.

We do not slut-shame.

Women’s rights are Human Rights.

Trans-women are women.

We do not body-shame.

Han shot first.

Abortion Care is Health Care.

No quarter for creeps.

No human is “illegal”

Climate change is real.

Vaccines save lives.

Bobby Drake’s being gay did not “ruin” your childhood.

Representation matters.

Inclusion is important.

Diversity is everything.

Science is real.

The United States is a secular nation.

Her body, her choice.

The Earth is over 4 billion years old

Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, Pratt!