With Further Ado #203: Shelton Drum and an Incredible Achievement

We’ve got to pause our multi-part conversation with Greg Hildebrandt – I’ll be back with more next week – to celebrate an incredible achievement. Shelton Drum, the owner of Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find comic shop is celebrating his astounding 40th year running a truly outstanding comic con: Heroes Convention!

This amazing show bills itself as “America’s Favorite Convention”, and you know what? I don’t think that’s hyperbole. Shelton is a comics guy’s comic guy. He knows this industry and still loves it all. He’s created an amazing show that celebrates the medium and has found a way to still stay focused on comics.

Running a show for 40 years is nothing short of incredible. Fans and pros recognize this, as does longtime convention promoter Teddy Hanes. (He’s certainly no slouch in running great comic conventions over the long haul.) Teddy calls Shelton’s efforts, “The Gold Standard for Comic Book Convention Promoters to try and get close to his achievements.”

I was in Charlotte this past weekend and briefly caught up with Shelton in his wonderful store. As the convention was just one week away, he was hip-deep in managing and preparing for the show – it’s June 24 – 26th. (Next year Heroes Con will shift back on its usual Father’s Day Weekend calendar slot).

During our catch-up visit, Shelton was, as usual, affable, friendly, and surprisingly calm. His easy-going Carolina drawl belies a deep understanding of how things work and an unrelenting work ethic. My daughter Cassie and I shared a few laughs with him, and I cursed myself for not arranging my visit one week later.

Next year for sure!

More information on the 40th Heroes Convention is here..

Editor’s Note: Pop Culture Squad’s Bob Harrison will be at HeroesCon this weekend, so stay tuned for updates from the event. 

Next Week – Join us (for reals) for Part IV of the With Further Ado conversation with Greg Hildebrandt.