DC Comics Round Robin Series Tournament Returns for 2022

Last year, DC Comics conducted an online fan voted tournament to pick one proposed series to get published. This year they are back with sixteen new options to vie for the chance to get made. Round One is underway and voting is available on Twitter, Instagram, and DCUniverseInfinite.com.

There contest will have four rounds each lasting a week.

The group of potential titles span the full range of the DCU, and there are some very intriguing options.  There will be some early round disappointments for sure. This campaign is super interesting in that it gives fans a dream to see something that they want make it to print, but in the true reality of comic fandom, some are guaranteed to be disappointed. For example, there are still some of the titles that were proposed last year that I would still love to see get made.

Last years winner, Robins, by Tim Seeley and Baldemar Rivas just recently finished up it’s five-issue run.

The contestants this year are:

      • Hawkman & Hawkwoman: The Changeling
      • Wildcat: Nine Lives
      • Constantine & The Demon: Vacation from Hell
      • The Questions: Grand Solution
      • Justice League Redacted
      • Suicide Squad: Dark
      • Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear
      • Firestorm: Fourth World Problems
      • Green Lantern: The Light at the End of Forever
      • Black Canary: When Canaries Cry
      • DC Horror Presents: Ghost Tour from Hell
      • Animal Man: The Metamorphosis
      • Green Lantern: The Birth of Conspiracy
      • Captain Carrot & His Best Friend Darkseid
      • Super Boy: The Man of Tomorrow
      • Cyborg: Cyber Gods