As Is: Evil Is As Evil Does

I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis quite clearly. A year before the assassination of President Kennedy and two years before Premier Khrushchev’s ouster, it was an extremely scary time. I was a politically precocious twelve-year old. Little did we know what was ahead of us.

The global response to Vlad Putin’s war on the former USSR occupied nations has been quite hopeful, and the response inside Ukraine has been truly inspirational. America should take note and elect a genuine Jewish comedian as president.

The domestic response has been rather quiet. It’s clear most Americans are far more concerned with an increase in gas prices than they are with World War III. This is not surprising, but it is truly disgusting. Do our greedy self-centered very stupid fellow citizens think Putin was just Trumping around when he threatened nuclear war — twice in one week? Do these greedy self-centered very stupid fellow citizens not remember how Hitler invaded Poland under the same pretext, and how Russian premier Joe Stalin joined Hitler in that endeavor two weeks later?

We live in a nation of Elmer Fudds, and I don’t think we have what it takes to become a bunch of Bugs Bunnys.

We don’t want to think Putin will nuke anybody, but even some of his pals have come out and said Putie has lost his mind. This is an attitude that is prerequisite to starting a nuclear war. Let us recall the days when he (evidently) still had his mind; even then, his pressing the Big Red Button wasn’t outside the realm of possibility. Putin does not want to restore the Soviet Union. Too many Americans still think “Russia” is synonymous with Communism; it is not. Today, the Russian Republic is synonymous with Putin, and Putin is synonymous with Stalin. Joe Stalin wasn’t a Communist. Joe Stalin was a Stalinist.

And what makes our indigenous morons think that Putin will stop with Ukraine? Or Kazakhstan? Or Lithuania? Or Georgia? Or Poland? Or Finland, or Sweden? These days Santayana makes Einstein look like a dimwit.

Putin is counting on the Trumpsters regaining Congress and then the sanctions will go away and he can climax his dictatorial wet dreams. He may be right about that. We’ve got to Bin Laden him immediately and keep the bigoted anti-democratic Republican party away from his oligarchs and their massive mountains of money.

It’s true that many of the Russian people have taken on great risk by speaking out and demonstrating against Putin, and these are very, very courageous people. True heroes. Please remember he’s got the job until 2036, he’s got the military, he’s certainly got the money and he’s got enough nukes to keep Ernst Blofeld up nights.

It is high time we ended the menace of Vlad Putin and his gaseous oligarchs. As Putin keeps on telling us, the alternative could very well be a whole lotta mushroom clouds. That’s not a risk worth taking. Ever.

Back in the days if the Cuban Missile Crisis, we saved the planet by cutting a deal with Nikita Khrushchev: we removed our nukes from Turkey and he removed his nukes from Cuba. Vlad Putin is not as reasonable as Khrushchev.

5 thoughts on “As Is: Evil Is As Evil Does

  1. “Putin is counting on the Trumpsters regaining Congress and then the sanctions will go away and he can climax his dictatorial wet dreams”

    What a load of bull. Trump imposed more sanctions than Obama, (Putin took Crimea on Obama’s watch), and Biden relaxed them. Why do you suppose Putin waited until Biden was president?

    1. Why? Because Putin was in better control of his faculties two years ago. Like his role model Joe Stalin, Vlad went insane. Obama and all the other American Democrats don’t play into this at all. And if Vlad waited until Trump was out of office, well, that doesn’t seem to be working out very well right now does it?

      1. I didn’t intend for my comment to be posted here as Adrienne told me a few years ago that Pop Culture Squad was not for me. I thought I was posting to your Facebook page.

        1. Well, Adriane is the HBIC and she gets to say that. I get to say what I want, too — within reasonable defamation sanctions, which is an oxymoron — and my comment stands.

  2. Follow the money.
    The stolen billions of the Russian oligarchs are in the same havens of the stolen billions from everywhere else. Truly rooting out the Russian money would cast too much light on everyone else’s. I don’t know where this sub-crisis will go, but it’s one of the biggest, potentially involving most of the worst governance on the planet.