2021 Ringo Awards Finalists Announced

The news has dropped on one of the premiere comic book awards nominations. The Ringo Awards are coming up on their fifth award ceremony and instantly developed into a prestigious honor for all nominees and winners. The final ballot has been released and is available for comic industry professionals to vote on. Reviewing these nominees reveals a fairly good cross section of the comics publishing industry and there are some extremely appropriate nominations.

We encourage all eligible voters to participate in the process and contribute to the recognition of deserving creators.

Press Release

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – August 25, 2021 – The 2021 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards are to be presented on the evening of Saturday, October 23, 2021 as part of the fan- and pro-favorite convention, The Baltimore Comic-Con.

The Ringo Awards are thrilled to announce the 2021 nominees. The nomination process was completed with the participation of our esteemed 2021 jury as well as the voting public. Fans and comic book professionals alike showed strong support in promoting the voting process on their websites, channels, and via social media.

Voting on the 2021 Final Ballot is restricted to comic book industry creative community — anyone involved in and credited with creating comics professionally. We now present the 2021 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards Final Ballot.

“We are really happy with this ballot. It’s such a pleasure to watch this thing develop and see the range of genres, creators, publishers, topics, nations of origin, and more. These creators and titles represent the best in comics from 2020 as voted on by the public and our jury, and we’re proud to present them here. If you haven’t read these books or checked out these talents’ works, do yourself a favor.” – Marc Nathan, Baltimore Comic-Con Promoter.

Fan and Pro Nomination Categories

* Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)

• Derf Backderf
• Mongie
• Stan Sakai
• Rachel Smythe
• Adrian Tomine
• Sophie Yanow

* Best Writer

• Penelope Bagieu
• Anthony Del Col
• Jason Douglas
• N.K. Jemisin
• Marjorie Liu
• James Tynion IV
• Ram V

* Best Artist or Penciller

• Josh Adams
• Jamal Campbell
• Elsa Charretier
• Hanza Art
• Sana Takeda

* Best Inker

• Sanford Greene
• Brett Hobson
• Jjolee
• Gabriel Hernandez Walta
• Tonci Zonjic

* Best Letterer

• Deron Bennett
• Aditya Bidikar
• DC Hopkins
• Micah Myers
• Chas! Pangburn

* Best Colorist

• Toyin Ajetunmobi
• Laura Allred
• Tamra Bonvillain
• Aladdin Lee Grant Rutledge Collar
• Jacob Phillips
• Joe Todd-Stanton
• Christian Ward

* Best Cover Artist

• Gian Carlo Bernal
• Stephanie Hans
• Maan House
• Steve Lieber
• Peach Momoko
• Kevin O’Neill
• Joe Todd-Stanton

* Best Series

• The Department of Truth, Image Comics
• Far Sector, DC Comics
• Lore Olympus, WEBTOON
• My Deepest Secret, WEBTOON
• Usagi Yojimbo, IDW Publishing
• Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, DC

* Best Single Issue or Story

• All-America Comix #1, Image Comics
• Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds (BOOM! Studios)
• Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx, Flying Eye Books (US) / Nobrow Press
• “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” from Ice Cream Man Present Quarantine Comix Special #1, Image Comics
• The O.Z., self-published
• Parallel, Source Point Press

* Best Original Graphic Novel

• Buried But Not Dead, Source Point Press
• Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio, Abrams Books
• The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist, Drawn & Quarterly
• Moms, Drawn & Quarterly
• Pulp, Image Comics

* Best Anthology

• Be Gay, Do Comics, IDW Publishing
• Hey, Amateur! Go From Novice to Nailing It in 9 Panels, IDW Publishing
• Maybe Someday: Stories of Promise, Visions of Hope, A Wave Blue World
• Pandemix: Quarantine Comix in the Age of ‘Rona, self-published
• Votes for Women: The Battle for the 19th Amendment, Little Red Bird Press

* Best Humor Comic

• Akissi: Even More Tales of Mischief, Flying Eye Books (US) / Nobrow Press
• ArkhaManiacs, DC
• Billionaire Island, AHOY Comics
• Love and Capes: The Family Way, Maerkle Press/IDW Publishing
• Metalshark Bro 2: Assault on Hamzig Island, Scout Comics
• Moms, Drawn & Quarterly
• Wicked Things, BOOM! Studios

* Best Webcomic

• DPS Only! (tapas.io/series/dpsonly/)
• Fangs (tapas.io/series/fangscomic/)
• Heart of the City (gocomics.com/heartofthecity/)
• Midnight Poppy Land (webtoons.com/en/romance/midnight-poppy-land/list?title_no=1798)
• Shiloh (webtoons.com/en/thriller/shiloh/list?title_no=1649)
• Totally Under Control (insider.com/comic-how-united-states-lost-control-of-coronavirus-pandemic-2020-9)

* Best Humor Webcomic

• The Abominable Charles Christopher (karlkerschl.com/abominable/)
• Bagel High (instagram.com/yoyorobot/)
• Beware of Toddler (bewareoftoddler.com)
• Cassandra Comics (tapas.io/series/CassandraComics/)
• Cursed Princess Club (webtoons.com/en/comedy/cursed-princess-club/list?title_no=1537)
• The Middle Age (steveconley.com/the-middle-age/)
• Sarah’s Scribbles (tapas.io/series/Doodle-Time/)
• xkcd (xkcd.com)

* Best Non-fiction Comic Work

• Banned Book Club, Iron Circus Comics
• Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker In California, Z2 Comics
• Come Home Indio, Street Noise Books
• Dancing After TEN, Fantagraphics Books
• Grateful Dead – Origins, Z2 Comics
• Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio, Abrams Books
• We’ll Soon Be Home Again, Dark Horse Comics

* Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel

• Akissi: Even More Tales of Mischief, Flying Eye Books (US) / Nobrow Press
• Cat Kid Comic Club #1, Scholastic Graphix
• Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio, Action Lab Entertainment
• Max Meow: Cat Crusader, Random House
• The Perhapanauts: First Blood, Scout Comics
• Twins, Scholastic Graphix

* Best Presentation in Design

• Crescent City Monsters, Dream Fury Comics
• Dave Cockrum’s X-Men Artifact Edition, IDW Publishing
• The Electric Black, Scout Comics
• The Harrowing of Hell, Iron Circus Comics
• Heavy Metal #300, Heavy Metal
• Impossible Jones, Volume 1: Grin & Gritty, Panic Button Press
• Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx, Flying Eye Books (US) / Nobrow Press

Comic pros can navigate to our website to submit their vote.


In addition to Final Ballot categories, both Fan-Only Favorites from the nomination ballot and Hero Initiative Awards (The Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award and The Dick Giordano Humanitarian Award) will be presented at the Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards ceremony the evening of October 23, 2021.

Companies, organizations, or individuals interested in sponsorship of the 2021 Ringo Awards may discuss opportunities to do so by emailing us at contact@ringoawards.com.