Lego Masters Season 2: Mid-Season Review

I am so excited to say that Lego Masters is back with Season Two. The first episode launched on June 1, 2021, and new episodes debut of Fox on Tuesday nights at 9 PM. There are twelve new teams, but I’m happy to see Will Arnett is back as host with his same funny schtick, and thankfully,  Brick Masters Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett have also returned.

The prize is the same as last season, $10,000 and the “Lego Master” trophy.

The teams are:

    1. Zack and Wayne – Brothers from California.
    2. Zach and Tim – Son-Father from Michigan
    3. Mark and Steven – Brothers from Georgia
    4. Syreeta and Randall – Friends from Illinois
    5. Natalie and Michelle – Friends from Oklahoma and Arizona
    6. Paras and Moto – Friends from Massachusetts and Colorado
    7. Maria and Philip – Married couple from Michigan
    8. Susan and Jen – Friends from Utah
    9. Jack and Dawn – Siblings from Ohio and Michigan
    10. Dave and Richard – Friends from Illinois and New York
    11. Caleb and Jacob – Brothers from Wisconsin
    12. Bryan and Lauren – Siblings from California

The show grabs you from the first episode, and I find that I cannot wait until next week.

Once again, the contestants are friendly with each other, but each team wants to win. The builds are bigger and more challenging then Season One. It is hard to pick a favorite because they are all so great at building and you hate to see any team leave at the end of each episode.

Episode 1

The first episode, each team had to build an eye-catching float in the first-ever LEGO Day Parade. The prize for the winner of this challenge was the “Gold Brick”. The team that wins the “Gold Brick” can use it only once, to be safe from elimination. The team that won, you know once you saw the final build, they were going to win it. Each “float” was amazing and fun to look at.

Episode 2

The second episode, each team had to build their own slow-motion hero shot. They picked their own mini figure at random and build something to explode behind them. The teams have to use one of four blasting substances: Glitter, slime, water or dust, and the mini figure CAN NOT be blown/knocked off, when the explosion happens.

Once again, this episode, didn’t not disappoint. Each team’s blast, was as amazing as the one before. I do not envy the Brick Masters job to pick the team that has to go home.

When a team leaves the stage, everyone hugs the team and the team leaves their personal mini-figure at the entrances to the stage. My heart was saddened every time a team leaves, but the show must go on.

Episode 3

The third episode, each team needed to build a four-foot building/structure to see how long it can last against the “brickter scale”. The brickter scale goes up to eleven, because…. of course it does.

It was fun to watch the buildings/structures being built and I was hoping they all can beat out the bricker scale. And the teams and the building/structures didn’t disappoint. When they did fall off, it was so beautiful, that you felt okay, that they were destroyed.

Episode 4

The fourth episode was, by far, my favorite. It was a LEGO hat fashion show. Each team had to pick a random color that their hat had to represent. The key to this challenge was one team member had to wear the hat down the runway; they can hold onto the hat as they walk down, but once they are in front of the Brick Masters and Will, the team member must let go for five seconds, without it falling off their heads.

The team member that walked down the runway got dressed in the color they picked, but the hat on and slowing and confidently took the long walk to the judges. You held your breath for each team member as they walked down the runway and then released their tight grip on the beautiful hat they created.

It was the perfect fashion show, all the teams were cheering each other on, and were so excited to see what they created. Once again, my heart was saddened to see a team go home.

I can’t wait to see what happens this week.