Blackout: The Latest Season of the New Brooklyn Saga is on Webtoons

What do you do when your Psychotic Vigilante Mother gets hold of an Apocalypse Sword?

Comic creator Dean Haspiel has been working on his original metaphysical superhero story The New Brooklyn Saga for a few years now, and the fourth season has just premiered on

The latest installment is called Blackout. Here is how Dean describes the new season:

When The Green Point’s apocalypse sword is reactivated by the malice of The Coney, The Red Hook must combat and convince his psychotic, vigilante mother to help finally destroy it, only to accidentally rebirth the wrath of an unexpected villain who threatens to save earth from the hierarchy of humanity by sending New Brooklyn back to the stone age! Does The Red Hook have to break bad in order to restore the goodness of society?

The Red Hook, crook turned reluctant hero, is an engaging character, and the world that he lives in is full of interesting characters. The big ideas that Haspiel explores in this series have always raised the quality of the story to lofty heights. The previous season ended with the sun being reignited by love; so, where do you go from there?

I have had a chance to look at the first three episodes of this new season, which are all up now. I can say this. Dean knows what he is doing. The conflict in this season is interesting, and I am intrigued to see where it goes. The storytelling somehow continues to get better as each season moves along.

Haspiel has also mastered the scroll format of Webtoons and each panel is crafted with care and gorgeous art. The character expressions are phenomenal and the textured color techniques that he uses bring a lot to the screen.

We have interviewed Dean here at Pop Culture Squad and spoke quite a bit about his inspirations and ideas for this series.  This story is very personally important to him. I will leave you with this. This season is captivating and left me wanting more and more and more.

Go check out the latest season of the New Brooklyn Saga at