Kickstarters You Should Be Backing: August Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the latest edition of Kickstarter campaigns that we think you should check out. There are lots of creators taking advantage of the slowdown in comic publishing and lack of comic conventions by running campaigns for crowdfunding their work. We have been keeping our eyes on the stream of great projects that are being offered and come up with a list of campaigns to spotlight.

Below you will find a list of Kickstarter campaigns listed by the order of the end of the campaign. We will give you the details and a quick word or two about why we like them.

Cupid’s Arrows Volume 1 by Thom Zahler

Campaign Ends: August 27, 2020

This is the collected edition of the hit Webtoon series Cupid’s Arrows by Thom Zahler. It is a fun, light hearted, but moving romance series with a great concept. There are plenty of extra options for backer rewards.


Note: You can check out the last time that we talked with Thom about his other upcoming publication, the 5th volume of Love and Capes, here.

The Mighty World of McCREA by John McCrea

Campaign Ends: August 31, 2020

Superstar comic artist John McCrea is collecting and presenting a bunch of his great work in this 200 page hardcover edition. It also features a new story with his recent collaborator Gerry Duggan.  The backer rewards levels are in British pounds but this book certainly looks worth the effort to wrap your head around funny British money.


Kyrra Trade KS Exclusive by Rich Woodall

Campaign Ends: August 27, 2020

This is a limited edition version of the Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl story. It is a collection of the first trade with some new extras and lots of cool stretch goal rewards. If you are fans of Rich Woodall and Craig Rousseau and haven’t picked up Kyrra yet, now is your chance!  They are only printing a limited number, so get in before it’s gone.


Note: We interviewed Craig Rousseau for the SquadCast a couple of months ago. You can check that out here.

Baseball 100 by Mark Chiarello

Campaign Ends: August 27, 2020

This book is looks amazing. It is listing of the 100 greatest Baseball players in history as illustrated by veteran comics pro Mark Chiarello and written by Nel Yomtov. The visuals are just gorgeous. This is an amazing project for fans of art or baseball or both!!


NEXT DOOR: A Neo-Noir Crime Comic by Zack Quaintance

Campaign Ends: September 4, 2020

This is the first comic book from Zack Quaintance and they have assembled quite a team including artist Pat Skott, colorist Ellie Wright, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. It has a great concept and looks to be a cool crime comic set against the current housing crisis. There are some very affordable reward tiers to support this indie comic. We are definitely interested in getting our hands on it.


THE O.Z. #1 – A Fantasy Classic Reimagined for Comics by David Pepose

Campaign Ends: September 16, 2020

What a concept!! What if Dorothy’s adventure in Wonderland had been a botched regime change, and now her granddaughter, an Iraq war veteran, is brought back to the O.Z. to deal with the repercussions of her grandmother’s handywork. Ringo Award nominated writer David Pepose teams up with Ruben Rojas, Whitney Cogar, and DC Hopkins to bring you the first double length installment of this intriguing fantasy tale. The art that we have seen looks stunning and they are adding more rewards all the time to this campaign.


Note: Stay tuned to PCS for a SquadCast interview with David Pepose in the coming weeks.

True War Stories: A Comics Anthology by Z2 Comics

Campaign Ends: September 17, 2020

This book is a 250-page full color comic anthology of war stories encompassing the last 50 years. There are a bunch of terrific artists who have contributed to this gorgeous book that celebrates the stories of the modern warrior without political or national influence. Comics writer Alex de Campi and Khai Krumbhaar edit these true tales from soldiers, and from what we have seen, the book looks great. These are truly the stories of our time for so many Americans, and we are looking forward to this campaign getting funded.


You can search for yourself at for other campaigns that you might be interested in.