New Number Ones for the Week of 6/24/2020: Ash & Thorn, Bleed Them Dry, and Dead Body Road: Bad Blood

Welcome Back to NEW NUMBER ONES!

If you are new here, this column is designed to bring you reviews of new comic book series that came out this week. We will try to focus on independent and original series for the most part. This week we have three books for you. They are from Ahoy Comics, Vault Comics, and Image Comics.

You will usually find the books that we review in this space on our month list of New Number Ones. As the distribution of new comics is still getting underway, expect a monthly look ahead for July’s new series.

The books this week are all introducing massive conflicts that will threaten the status quo of the newly introduced protagonist. Interestingly, all three books feature a female badass protagonist.

This week we will bring you our thoughts on: Ash & Thorn #1, Bleed Them Dry #1, and Dead Body Road: Bad Blood #1

Check out the reviews below in alphabetical order:

Ahoy Comics
Written by Mariah McCourt
Art by Soo Lee
Colors by Pippa Bowland
Letters by Rob Steen
Cover Art by Jill Thompson

This is an adorable take on the classic prophesied champion fantasy trope. The comic is entertaining. Mariah McCourt  and Soo Lee combine to deliver a cohesive introductory issue that includes well laid out action sequences. Pippa Bowland contributes some lovely color execution that aids in the overall storytelling. We are intrigued by the concept of an older woman becoming the defender of the world. This was a fun read.

Vault Comics
Written by Eliot Rahal
Art by Dike Ruan
Colors by Miguel Muerto
Letters by AndWorld Design
Cover Art by Gooden & Daniel

This far-future vampire detective story is fantastic. The setting is intriguing. The plot is smart and engaging. Eliot Rahal and Dike Ruan develop clearly distinct and interesting characters. There is a sci-fi cinematic feel to a lot of this book, and the visuals by Ruan and Miguel Muerto evoke an immersive feeling that you can almost hear the buzz of electronic white noise that you would expect from this future location. The story definitely grabbed us. and we as eager to see what the next issue holds.

Image Comics
Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Benjamin Tiesma
Colors by Mat Lopes
Letters by Pat Brosseau
Cover Art by Matteo Scalera & Moreno Dinisio

Wow. This was a jaw dropping, awe inspiring first issue to this series. It is spectacularly drawn by newcomer Benjamin Tiesma, and Mat Lopes washes the line art with a warm swath of colors that invites the reader in for a cozy story of crime and violence. Justin Jordan is one of the most underrated modern writers, and that is not to say that he is not appreciated. His brilliance is on display in every line of dialogue. The pace and plot of this book are excellent. This is the best debut issue that I have read for any series in quite awhile. Do not miss this book. It is phenomenal.


We use a 4 star rating system. It is simple and not to be taken too seriously. Everyone has their own impressions of art. These ratings are just to give our readers an idea of what we thought of the book, and they will be on the generous side, normally. So don’t expect to see a lot of 1 Stars. After all, it’s not often that you have a bad book on your pull-list.

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