Comic Professionals are Speaking Out About Abuse and Harassment

Yesterday, there was an explosion of activity in “comics twitter”. It was initiated by women coming forward to detail instances of unacceptable behavior related to comics creators Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis. I need to say upfront that Pop Culture Squad lives by the motto of #BelieveWomen.

The allegations are disgusting, but we will not detail them here. The purpose of this piece is not to relive the news. They are the victims’ stories to tell and you should listen to them. We are here to say that we believe them, and we are sad and upset that these things happened to them.

In the reaction, there have been some very interesting conversations regarding whose responsibility it is to speak out and what is the culpability of being a collaborator with a predator. We wanted to highlight some of the stories being shared and they are listed below.

The important thing is that these women have come forward, and while we are angry and sad that they were made to be victims, we also want to let people know that this predatory behavior will not be tolerated and it will be found out. Most of these tweets are the beginnings of threads, be sure to click through if you interested in the complete thought.

There is plenty more to see on Twitter at the hashtag #SupportingWomenComics