Review: Lego Masters Season Finale

On Wednesday April 15, 2020, the final episode for the first season of Lego Masters aired on Fox at 9 pm EST. The show is hosted by Will Arnett, and the final show came down to three teams:  Sam and Jessica, Tyler and Amy, and Mark and Boone.

The final episode included a challenge for each team to build whatever they wanted in a twenty-four hour period. They had one hour to plan and design their build and then the final twenty-four to make it a reality.

Here is a little bit about each team:

Sam and Jessica are in an adult Lego group, but didn’t meet until the competition. Because of that dynamic, they struggled in the beginning, but as the competition evolved, you could see their teamwork and confidence in each other grow. Their strength comes from them both being art-focused and creative.

Tyler and Amy are a married couple. What makes them so sweet is their public displays of affection. They have been one of the top teams most of the season. Their strength is their attention to detail, and every build of theirs is full of fun, dynamic characters.

Mark and Boone are best friends and love to build with Lego. Their strength is that they are very technical. They can make Lego move like nothing I have ever seen before. When the team of Aaron and Christian used the Golden Brick to save themselves from elimination earlier in the season, Mark and Boone won it back in episode six, “Need for Speed/Super Bridge”, and used it in week eight in the “Good vs Evil Challenge”.

With their different approaches to their builds, you can see why each team made it to the final round. They were all inspiring builders, and it made me want to recreate what they had crafted.

To reiterate what we said in previous reviews, the show was full of fun, creativity, and emotions. The love of Lego and the admiration the competitors had for each other was on display for the big finale. It has been a great joy to watch this show for the past 10 weeks (there was a week break between episode 8-9).


At the end of every episode, it is difficult to see any group eliminated, because you can see the teams have put their heart and soul into each build. Watching this show, I never wanted to be in the shoes of the judges Amy Corbett (Instagram @brickmasterAmy or on Twitter @BrickMasterAmy) or Jamie Berard, because they had to choose who had to go home and the final winner. The judges did a great job throughout the series with a tough job. They had to evaluate all of these different builds that were approached from different creative perspectives.

I will admit that I did cry when they announced the winner, not because of who won, but because the show was now over, and more importantly, I will miss the excitement that each team displayed when they got to play with Lego and build something no one had ever seen before. Each team did want to win, but they all truly cared for each other. They genuinely hugged each other good-bye, and they hugged the judges as they left. Each build throughout the show got better and better. I will admit, after watching each episode, I wanted to build something with our Lego.

Thankfully, there will be a Season 2. I know that, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be awhile before we see second season, but one can hope it will be soon.

If you haven’t seen any of the episodes, or you want to watch them again, (I will be doing that), you can watch them on Hulu.

For a sneak peak spoiler at the champions you can click here.


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