Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind #083: Kill The Liberals!

If you don’t like the people / or the way that they talk / If you don’t like their manners / or they way that they walk, / Kill, kill, kill for peace • “Kill For Peace,” Written by Tuli Kupferberg, from the 1966 album The Fugs

It’s really easy to mock what’s left of the Republican Party, a one-time respectable institution that, in the time of Trump, now advocates conspiracies so brainless you might want to take a look at their meds.

Covid-19 is a left-wing conspiracy to tear Trump down. Men are entitled to have sex with women. God gave us coronavirus to end the Jewish plague. The FBI is a tool of the Obamaists. The CIA is taking over the nation. The “Dark State” controls the media promoting their agenda of sexual perversion, wanton drug use, fetus-murder, unholy feminism and independent thought. Hillary Clinton is operating a child sex slavery operation out of a Washington DC pizza parlor. The Deep State wants to disarm and murder kill all white Christian males.

How far are these morally bankrupt Republicans willing to go? Gee, I dunno. Did you look at Wisconsin lately?

Wisconsin is a beautiful place. I’ve had a number of friends who lived there; a few died, a couple are still there, but the rest have moved. Some went to the communist state of Michigan, where the government was so left-wing they decided to poison poor people.

On Tuesday, an election was held in Wisconsin for exactly one purpose: to get right-wing creep Daniel Kelly reelected to the state supreme court. There is a coronavirus epidemic going on, and thus far the only effective cure has been in maintaining a rigid program of social distancing. You might have noticed that all the schools, movie theaters and non-essential businesses are closed, as are many (but by no means all) religious centers. Rat holes are being turned into quasi-hospitals. Not only are we running short on supplies to aid the affected and those who attend them, we are running out of refrigerated trucks to store the dead bodies as well.

So just like numerous other states, the governor postponed the election, and Kelly’s Killers on the State Supreme Court overruled him. The blimpish U.S. Supreme Court backed the Republican’s play five to four. You want to vote? Go right ahead. All it might cost you is your life.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, three tubs of mail-in ballots were discovered after the polls were closed, and hundreds if not thousands of absentee ballots never made it to state residents. If you cannot physically smell the fix, I’d lay off the Limburger.

Many poll workers, volunteers all, decided their lives and those of their families were more important. In those areas that host the majority of those Wisconsonians who are not lily-white knuckle-draggers, approximately 24 out of every 25 precincts were closed. Many of the fetus-sized handful that remained open had waiting lines three miles long. It is quite likely that some of those who lined up last Tuesday will not be alive to vote in November. Well, that’s the new American way.

Pro-life my hairy ass. Republicans who utter the phrase “pro-life” are lying hypocrites who, we now see, are perfectly willing to kill anybody who disagrees with them once out of the womb.

Why do this for Kelly? Simple. In order to deliver Wisconsin to Trump this November, the Republicans have to do what they’ve done so well in much of the southeast: slash blacks, Latinx, poor people, young people, and college students from the voters roles. Yup, that’s what a patriotic American does — assuming he is unable to tell the difference between America and a 1930s college football comedy.

These are not babblings of far right-wing fools. These are now the commonplace words of loyal red-white-and-blue Republicans. If you believe any item I noted in the first paragraph yet you are ignorant enough to think you are a real American, please act like a real American and shoot yourself. You’ve got plenty of guns to choose from.

But when it comes down to it, these anti-American traitors are making one mammoth mistake. They have convinced themselves that those they oppose are all anti-gun, and that makes them think they have the advantage.

They are wrong.

One thought on “Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind #083: Kill The Liberals!

  1. The only issue I take with your column is that I don’t think of the Republican Party as the “Republican Party” anymore.

    It has mutated, like the novel coronavirus, into a deadly threat–the TRUMPIST PARTY–that, with no “political vaccine” currently available, will only be defeated by the “social distancing” of the American citizenry of this virus on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

    Stand out point (im-not-so-ho): “Pro-life my hairy ass. Republicans [Trumpists] who utter the phrase “pro-life” are lying hypocrites who, we now see, are perfectly willing to kill anybody who disagrees with them once out of the womb.”

    Great column!