Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mind #078: Weaponizing Nostalgia

I used to be on an endless run / Believe in miracles ’cause I’m one / I have been blessed with the power to survive / After all these years I’m still alive • “I Believe In Miracles,” written by
Dee Dee Ramone & Daniel Rey, 1989

Mindless, vicious and deceitful red baiting is not a good look for the Democratic Party. Not even under the cover of NeverTrump.

If you think that Joe Biden kicked Bernie Sanders’ ass because South Carolina is a “more representative” than the previous primary states, then I’ve got a box of used face-masks to sell you. Three top “centrist leaders” quit the race immediately and tossed their support to Biden because, according to the purveyors of Fake News, Barack Obama told them that would unite the party and protect us from a horrible socialist. Each of these doddering hacks said they would be in the race “until the end.”

Well, this is the end, beautiful friend. The end.

Frightening the elderly by lying about the other guy is the oldest political trick in the past ninety-eight years. It is not democracy, it’s not republicanism. It is lying. It is weaponized nostalgia. You think Bernie can’t get elected because the Trumpsters are calling him a Commie? What does that even mean to anybody who weren’t raised on the Cuban Missile Crisis and Duck and Cover?

Does the DNC honestly believe the Trumpsters are not going to paint Joe Biden deep red… after they stop hammering Hunter Biden, who deserves some of that. That opportunist clown had no business signing on with the Ukrainian gas moguls. He knew damn well that he didn’t know damn shit about their damn business, and his daddy damn well knew it too, but he wasn’t running for President at the time.

Joe Biden is a doddering fool. I’m not saying this because of his age – Warren, Sanders, and even the politically void Bloomberg are all in their seventies. However, they do not come off as a thin-skinned hack who says whatever comes out of his ass but can’t remember shit. Would he be an improvement over Trump? Of course he would. Absolutely. Will he have the courage and clear-headedness to do the job? Sadly, his behavior these past several years indicates otherwise. Elizabeth Warren is a vibrant, knowledgeable candidate who also is a septuagenarian, and she’s on top of it.

It pains me to say this. Joe has accomplished a lot of great things. His great-to-rotten ratio is, um, great. I thought he would make exactly the type of Secretary of State we will need in a post-Trump world. His mumblings on the stump clearly illustrate the O.G. Democrat is long gone, an honored statesman who deserves his lifetime achievement award. That’s the award they give you when as you gaze out the back of the front door for the last time.

To paraphrase his best quip, Joe’s campaign has been “a noun, a verb, and Obama.” As important as Barack Obama was, in the real world, Barack and Biden were slightly right-of-center. It may be difficult to wrap your mind around this because the Republicans have worked very hard to make “slightly right-of-center” sound like the Broadway musical version of Das Kapital.

Let’s say Warren drops out and much of her support goes to Bernie, who in this presumed scenario wins a majority of the delegates but not enough to clinch it before the convention. By the DNC’s rules, those old largely rich white male, who have been anointed with the title “super-delegate”, cigar-chompers will spray themselves with sacramental Ozium and hand the nomination over who has not shown a true vision of what to do about our future other than “continue Obamacare.” We already have Obamacare unless the courts kill it, and as everybody except Trump knows the courts are a separate branch of government. We desperately need to expand healthcare and make it work 100% for 100% of our nation.

Of course, if Elizabeth Warren does not drop out soon and Biden cops the nomination, the pod of Ancient Great White Male-Whales will blame it on the woman for not dropping out when Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Steyer and Bloomberg did.

In this space last week, I explained why Bernie remains very electable. NeverTrump is not a recipe for undoing Trump’s mess. History clearly shows us the Ancient Great White Male-Whales are born with the most common of political diseases: the lust for those cash-filled envelopes handed to them under the table.

Back in the day, Democratic Party mogul Richard J. Daley said (source: Boss, by Mike Royko) “Don’t take a nickel. Just give them your business card.” Biden damn well better learn that lesson.

You think the Trumpsters would call Bernie Sanders a Commie? It’s Campaigntown, Mister Gittes. Get used to the Trumpsters calling Joe Biden the brand-new two-cylinder 2020 Hillary Clinton. And we all know that worked very, very well.

There’s danger on the edge of town / Ride the King’s Highway, baby / Weird scenes inside the gold mine • “The End” written by John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and Jim Morrison, 1967