Happy Colorist Appreciation Day – January 24th

January 24th is Colorist Appreciation Day!!! A few years ago, the amazingly talented Jordie Bellaire declared this day to be #ColoristAppreciationDay on Twitter, and we want to do our part. Colorists (and Letterers) are often forgotten when appreciating the talent required to produce quality comic books.

They are the skilled artists that add depth and richness to the comic pages that we love. Also, if you are not paying attention, you will miss the part that the colorist is a key contributor in laying down the tone of each page and the best colorists are telling the story with color.

We have taken a sampling of some of the most wonderful colorists working in the business today and listed them below in alphabetical order. We grabbed some examples of their work for you to admire. Feel free to click on it and see a larger image. Also, we linked to anyone with a Twitter page, so just click on the little blue bird and follow them.

NOTE: Since this is a day for colorists, we purposely did not credit line artists or writers. They are always getting credit, and they can just deal with it for one post.

Lauren Affe

Laura Allred

Jordie Bellaire

Tamra Bonvillain

Jordan Boyd

Dee Cunniffe

Addison Duke

Nathan Fairbairn

Kelly Fitzpatrick

Matt Herms

Dearbhla Kelly

Marissa Louise

Laura Martin

Tomeu Morey

Paul Mounts

Rico Renzi

Rachelle Rosenberg

Kurt Michael Russell

Alex Sinclair

Christopher Sotomayor

Sarah Stern

Dave Stewart

Bryan Valenza

Matt Wilson

These were the very best colorists that I remember growing up on:


Adrienne Roy

Lynn Varley

Tatjana Wood

Glynis Oliver Wein