Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mind #072: Let’s Work Together?

Together we’ll stand / Divided we’ll fall / Come on now, people / Let’s get on the ball / And work together / Come on, come on / Let’s work together / Now, now people / Because together we will stand / Every boy, girl, woman and man – Wilbert Harrison, “Future Blues”

As I was watching the seven House managers march across the Capitol Building to deliver the impeachment papers to the Senate, I was wondering how many people felt this was just the latest parade before End Times. Not the biblical End Times where Putin and Netanyahu paint “666” on Trump’s forehead, but an indication of America, as we know it, coming to an end.

The best way, in my opinion (shared by several others) to prevent America’s End Time is to be rid of the aforementioned Great Evil, Mr. Trump – if not in the highly unlikely event of a guilty verdict in the impeachment trial that begins Tuesday, then at the polls this November. That will be tough as well, because already several hundred thousand likely Democratic voters already have been tossed off the rolls. The Republicans firmly believe they can do what the Russians can do, but without all those tubes and wires. Maybe so. Probably so, unless, as Wilbert Harrison wrote decades ago, we work together to make our stand against the greatest evil America has ever faced on its own shores.

So, with great regret, I witnessed one of the more counter-productive displays of political bullshit I’ve seen since… well, the last election, I guess, but you get the point.

Four unidentified people said that a year ago Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told Democratic presidential candidate and fellow über-liberal Elizabeth Warren that a woman could not get elected president. Bernie denied it, Elizabeth confirmed it. For the past several years Sanders and Warren both made numerous speeches to help get out the young woman vote, but none of that seemed to matter when that presidential he said / she said was unleashed.

Who knows what was said, and in what context? But that is not the point. It’s not even near the point.

The point is, can a woman be elected president this year? Either way, what would it take to make that happen should a woman win the Democratic presidential nomination? That is the only question that matters.

Personally, neither Warren nor Sanders would be my first choice. Either are quite agreeable to me, but I don’t have to make up my mind until the morning of my state’s primary, which happens to be April 28th. By that point, it’s possible the issue will be moot.

To suggest Warren or Sanders would be a vast improvement over the incumbent is a lot like gravity: both are just theories, but you’ve either got common sense and an awareness of your surroundings, or you’re a Republican.

I believe it’s going to take our next president more than four years to clean up the Republicans’ mess and I think it would be more effective if the person who moves into the White House next January is capable of seeing – and worthy to see – this job through. I don’t know if Warren and Sanders (or Biden) can make it through the next eight years. Heck, they’re all older than me, and I’m not sure I can make it through the next eight years.

But history and logic have taught me this: such bickering ain’t gonna help get the Orange Bastard out of Washington and behind bars where he belongs.

Can a woman be elected to our highest office this year? Well, I look at it this way: a woman did indeed win the popular vote 38 months ago – by over three million ballots. So the real question is “when will it happen again?”

However… and I mean this so sincerely your skin might peel off… if you are not going to vote because the Democrats do not pick a woman, or a Jew (there are at least two running right now), or a person who doesn’t support legalization of marijuana, or a person who is too liberal or not liberal enough, or a one-eyed left-handed German-speaking midget, you therefore are voting for four more years of the Orange Bastard.

In other words, you would be an idiot.

Let’s get together, folks.