Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mind #064: Has It Come To This?

Here’s the latest sign of the apocalypse. Yes, it has come down to this – I, Mike Gold, whose Twitter handle is “@creepymikegold,” am the one lecturing on manners. Don’t start reading any continued stories, folks. Obviously, the end is nigh.

I totally understand why the Trumpublicans put their xenophobic, racist, sexist, narcissistic, treasonous habitual liar ahead of the security of the United States of America and its people. Most of us who aren’t them are the prodigy of immigrants and similar ne’er-do-wells, and some of us are poor, old, in lousy health and/or unwilling to work for fifty cents an hour. But does the Rabid Right have to be so damn rude about it?

These numbnuts are trying to belittle, on national television, those who have honored this country by putting their bodies between the legions of evil and the Americans of great wealth. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and top West Point graduate / Vietnam War vet / Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor testified before the impeachment hearings this past week, along with other valiant witnesses including (to name but two) Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and National Security Council official Fiona Hill. These genuine heroes put it all on the line for truth, justice and the American way… and I mean that sincerely, without a shred of sarcasm.

But are the maniacal Trumpublicans grateful? Of course not. The patriots who have earned their chops the hard way in order to keep America great – and to keep America in business – have been maligned as prevaricators: dishonest “never-Trumpers” who are acting relentlessly against the desires and prattling fabrications uttered by the xenophobic, racist, sexist, narcissistic, treasonous habitual liar-in-chief, the one person who best symbolizes all that is wrong and likely could ever be wrong about humanity.

The witnesses we have heard from in these hearings have created an oil painting out of the venn diagrams that chronicle the criminal actions of the Orange Traitor from Hell. They put their reputations and their careers on the line, their safety and the safety of their families in jeopardy and have voluntarily run up huge legal bills with little means of reward or gain. Believe me, there are easier ways for such honored people to get a book deal without incurring one-tenth of the risk.

Why do they do this? Because they hate Trump? Hating the president is a great American tradition; ask any Trumpublican how they felt about Barack Obama. I’m not the least bit convinced these witnesses hate the treasonous bastard in the nice house by the Potomac River. They love America. They spent a lifetime fighting under her flag. They made sacrifices that their detractors wouldn’t even consider making even if you held a gun to their kids’ heads, and they accomplished great good for this nation – stuff that, by and large, is being dismantled right now by history’s most notorious liar.

Show these patriots the respect they have earned. Show us all some class for a change. You clowns are rich enough; I’m sure you can buy some respect at Chick-fil-A or whatever joint your clan hangs out at these days.

The Right often has expressed anguish at how the Left loves the smell of their own farts. There’s some truth to this… but, clearly, self-righteous methane re-consumption is well-tolerated by yin and yang alike.

Manners are a contract: you obey these simple rules, and you might avoid pissing someone off who can complicate your life. The handshake proves the person you just met isn’t holding a knife.

So, in the spirit of good manners, at the end of the day, after all is said and done, I’m left with just one thought.

Hey, Devin Nunes! Blow me!