Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mind #063: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

I’ll move myself and my family aside / If we happen to be left half alive / I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky / For I know that the hypnotized never lie / DO YA? – Pete Townshend, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

Why are we doing this? Well, I believe there is one very good reason.

The impeachment process formally started yesterday. Over the next couple weeks, a slew of highly respectable and well-credentialed witnesses will put their life savings, their careers and their family’s safety on the line in the esteemed names of truth and patriotism. The professional ass-lickers will call them a bunch of names and give shade to snark. Um tut sut.

When all is said and done, what will happen next will be what we all knew would happen. The House, under near-exclusive party line votes, will vote to impeach the traitor in the White House. Then the Senate, under near-exclusive party line votes, will vote to acquit. There’s no “vote to exonerate” option, so nobody on either side will get to score a rhetorical victory – although, unfortunately, that won’t stop anyone from proselytizing.

The Traitor to America will remain in office gleefully mimicking the values of his buddies Putin, Kim and Erdoğan – and, likely, every other totalitarian dictator who knows how and when to shower President Traitor to America with empty, meaningless praise. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

All this might change a few votes come election day, but right now it looks like the net result will be a wash. If the Democrats ever settle on a worthy candidate – and right now it appears the next debate will have to be held in Yankee Stadium – and Facebook discovers they can’t cash a check made out in rubles, they’re likely to win the election that is a mere 51 weeks away.

Barring the highly unlikely event the Republican Party suddenly grows some moral fortitude, respects the religious values they’ve tattooed onto their arms and acknowledge their oaths of office, there is one very, very good reason why we’re swimming in the river of shit.

These facts need to be part of the historical record. We used to say that history is written by the victors, but that was before the invention of digital access, before the time when everybody got a camera and internet access. We may have to watch President Traitor to America do his chicken dance for the next 11 months, but that makes him only slightly more insufferable than he is today.

The Republican Party, as a force for morality, a force for good, and a balance to competing philosophies… well, that party died several years ago and the body is smelling really bad. Now, the Republican Party is just coughing up blood. Loudly.

To be completely honest, this saddens me greatly.

One thing more.

Please tell me our tax dollars are no longer being wasted on teaching civics. There’s nothing civic about it.