Exploring Webcomics With the Pros – The Video SquadCast

Hey Everyone!!

Welcome to the Video SquadCast! This is the recording of the panel we hosted at Baltimore Comic-Con on October 20, 2019. The panelists are Steve Conley, Katie Cook, Dean Haspiel and Thom Zahler.  The video is hosted on our YouTube Channel and the audio version of the SquadCast can be found at the bottom of this post.

Be sure to check out this great conversation about webcomics and how these professionals work their craft. The will tell you the techniques they use for developing story and rendering it into art.

You can find all of these folks’ comics on Line Webtoon or as Dean says, “In your pocket!”


Steve Conley at https://steveconley.com/ or on Twitter at @thesteveconley

Katie Cook at https://www.katiecandraw.com/ or on Twitter at @katiecandraw

Dean Haspiel at http://www.deanhaspiel.com/  or on Twitter at @deanhaspiel

Thom Zahler at http://thomz.com/ or on Twitter at @thomzahler


Here is the audio only version of the Pop Culture SquadCast for your listening pleasure:


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