What the heck is happening at Heavy Metal? Or Deadspin or media in general?

On Tuesday, a week after CEO Jeff Krelitz’s departure was announced, an editor at Heavy Metal made public her reasons for leaving the company and we learned that Heavy Metal doesn’t have an HR Department.

The spectres Hannah Means-Shannon raises with naming her reasons for leaving are troubling. The idea that a company is trying to lockdown materials they do not own is a questionable practice in and of itself, but the additional pressure that was brought to bear creating a toxic work environment for Ms. Means-Shannon may belie an even more worrisome corporate culture at work at the Heavy Metal offices…

Yesterday we saw the news break of a large group of writers at Deadspin had quit after being told they needed to “stick to sports.” Deadspin saw it’s last senior editor, Diane Moskovitz announce her departure at the end of yesterday.

The awful guys over at Comicsgate-clickbait-dressed up as satire-site Cosmic Book News rejoiced at the news of more unemployed journalists (not sharing a link because I’m not giving those fuckers direct clicks)

With journalism under attack and over 7200 media layoffs through September we are in a very curious time indeed.