Kickstarter You Should Be Backing: The Middle Age: Volume 2 – Hardcover Collection

Hey folks. It’s that time again. If it’s Friday, it must be time to tell you a about a Kickstarter that you should be backing. We search the current Kickstarter campaigns, and when we find one we feels needs a little boost, we let you know about it.

This week we are spotlighting The Middle Age: Volume 2 – Hardcover Collection.

What is The Middle Age?

The Middle Age is an Eisener and Ringo award recognized digital comic strip produced by Steve Conley. It is available on LineWebtoons, GoComics, and other platforms as well.  There have been nearly 200 of the four or five panel episodes created, and it is updated online twice a week.  This Kickstarter project is to print the second volume of the saga in a hardcover format. The Volume 1 hardcover was successfully funded last year.

This is how the plot of this funny and heartwarming comic is described by the creator:

Sir Quimp of Grawlix is an older knight who is stuck with a  sarcastic, cursed sword and is on an against-all-odds quest to rescue  his love from dragons. In the first collection, our hero met the cursed, talking sword Maledicta, the bewildering wizard Melvwyn the Magnificent, two baby dragons Jarn and Nittles, and Waddlebottom, the Lord of All Ducks. In this volume, our hero come face-to-face with dragons, his love, and something unexpected! So, it’s a buddy comedy. And a love story. And a magic duck epic adventure!


Why Should You Back It?

This project has already hit its campaign goal, but do not let that stop you from getting in on the fun. We backed the original hardcover volume, and it is a beautiful collector’s piece of a book. With this project you can get rewards that include the collected Second Volume, and there are add-on options that will get you the First Volume as well.

There are multiple backer tiers so that everyone’s level of commitment and financial flexibility can be accomodated. There are some super special Stretch Goals involved with this campaign, and from a selfish point-of-view, I really hope that they get met so we can get that MacGuffin book made.