Kickstarter You Should Be Backing: “What Fresh Hell Is This?” 9 Levels of Studio Hell!

Hey folks. It’s that time again. We search the current Kickstarter campaigns, and when we find one we feels needs a little boost, we let you know about it.

This week we are spotlighting What Fresh Hell Is This!. It is a comic anthology collection that will be published in digital and traditional print formats.

What is What Fresh Hell Is This?

This is the fifth comic mashup anthology from Red Stylo Studios, an indie comics publishing house. This anthology is a mashup of Dante’s Inferno seen through the lens of the hell of classic Hollywood.

There are over 100 pages of original content from eleven teams of creators planned for this project.

It’s rough making your way in show business. Everyone wants something from you, and no one is cutting you any breaks. Your boss is a real beast, and you’re performing for the dregs of society.

Also, you’re in Hell.

There is some excellent creative talent lined up for this project. The list includes:

  • Aaron Allen
  • Scott Bachmann
  • CGhirardo
  • Dillon Gilbertson
  • Sunny Go
  • Sonya Gonzales
  • Tatum Hedrick
  • Aly High
  • Kame
  • Erin Keepers
  • Sherezada Kent
  • Christopher Lackie
  • AJ O. Mason
  • Grant McLaughlin
  • Trevor Mueller
  • Rob Pilkington
  • Esther Pimentel
  • Nicholas Poonamallee
  • Helen Robinson
  • Jack Simpson
  • Brian Tanner
  • Kat Taylor
  • Gina Trujillo

Editor: Genevieve Trainor

The rewards for backing this kickstarter include comics, enamel pins, bumper stickers, and bookmarks. The campaign is over 50% funded with less than 10 days to go.  Go get behind this project and spread the word. Click Here

We had the opportunity to chat with editor Genevieve Trainor and get some more details about this fantastic project and the results of that discussion are below.

Pop Culture Squad: What is different about this anthology than the other that Red Stylo has put out?

Genevieve Trainor: What Fresh Hell Is This? is very much in line, philosophically, with Red Stylo’s other literature-inspired titles. But we like to have a little fun each time with format and let the source material inspire more than just content. In this case, we’re playing with the conceit of Dante’s journey through Hell by weaving a frame narrative through the book, to give the reader something to come back to as they explore the different circles.

PCS: What keeps Red Stylo coming back to Kickstarter?

GT: We’ve had great success with Kickstarter in all of our campaigns. They have a solid reward structure and support for fulfillment. Also, as stressful as it is watching those numbers creep up (and it IS stressful!), there’s a community and a camaraderie that’s formed as the excitement builds.

PCS: Are these stories connected through a single traveller? What can we know about them?

GT: They are! The frame narrative I described follows a hapless performer fumbling his way through the backlots of Hell, getting passed off from one role to another as no one wants to work with him. He doesn’t get involved with the individual stories, though. They are each stand-alone.

PCS: Where did the mix of Dante and Hollywood come from?

GT: Entirely from the brilliant mind of writer Scott Bachmann. We plucked his pitch out of the many wonderful options we received, as it seemed both timely and timeless, and a fun, energetic take that stood out.

Well, now you know even more about What Fresh Hell Is This? Here is some preview art to get you in the mood: