Preview Reviews for the week of 9/4/2019: Battlepug #1 and Going to the Chapel #1

Welcome to the latest installment of Preview Reviews.  This is where we give advanced glimpses at some of the comics that will be coming out this Wednesday.

A reminder for you. Here at PopCultureSquad, we are decidedly Anti-Spoiler.  We feel that ruining someone’s experience with something for the sake of getting a scoop or clicks is the wrong thing to do. Therefore, we have decided to publish this column, as necessary, with mostly spoiler-free reviews of upcoming issues.  Hopefully, the information that we share with you will increase your excitement for these books.

This week we have TWO preview comics. The first is the debut of Battlepug by Mike Norton and Allen Passalaqua, published by Image Comics. The second book is the premiere issue of Going to the Chapel by David Pepose and Gavin Guidry from Action Lab. Both of these books have been eagerly anticipated and are featured in our New Number Ones column for September.

You can find Battlepug and Going to the Chapel at your LCS on August 28, 2019.

Image Comics
Written by: Mike Norton
Art by: Norton
Colors by: Allen Passalaqua
Letters by: Crank!
Cover Art: Norton & Passalaqua

Original Solicitation

The hit fan-favorite webcomic created by the Eisner Award-winning duo of MIKE NORTON and ALLEN PASSALAQUA is now a NEW COMIC SERIES!

It’s been a few years since the last Kinmundian saved the world with the help of his faithful Battlepug, but a new threat arises. The epic tale returns as our favorite barbarian and his trusty overgrown dog renew their quest for insane adventure! Same dog. NEW TRICKS!

PCS Review

If you are not familiar with Battlepug, you are missing out. Mike Norton’s labor of love has been the recipient of multiple industry awards. The story started online and was recently collected in Battlepug: The Compugnium from Image Comics. This new series is off to a rip roaring start.

The narrative does a good job of getting new readers up to speed quickly and introduces a new conflict that will challenge the Kinmundian. The visual layout of the story is intriguing and serves to guide the reader’s vision in interesting ways. The work that Allan Passalaqua puts in on this book is outstanding. The first couple of pages are stunning in terms of the coloring work. The background work in this book is the perfect mix of detail and empty space. I particularly love seeing Crank!’s letters over Mike Norton art.

I can’t end this without saying how much I loved what happens to the new governor of Ashkum. Go read this book.

Action Lab – Danger Zone
Written by: David Pepose
Art by: Gavin Guidry
Colors by: Liz Kramer
Letters by: Ariana Maher with Colin Bell
Cover Art: Lisa Sterle

Original Solicitation

It was the wedding from Hell, and that was before the bank robbers showed up. What do a conflicted bride, her dysfunctional family, a gang of Elvis-themed crooks, and one relentless sheriff have in common? They’re all about to discover love is the ultimate hostage situation.

PCS Review

This is one hell of a wedding. David Pepose has a talent for storytelling. In both this book and Spencer & Locke, his stories have a special cinematic quality. Comic books that look like television shows or movies don’t always work, but his seem to be able to do it well. This story has an excellent mix of story set-up, humor, and action. The cast is immediately understood and filled with captivating characters.

A large part of the cinematic feel to this book is the work of Gavin Guidry. His camera angles are inspired choices. The quality of the facial expressions assist in advancing and deepening the emotional impact of the narrative. Liz Kramer’s colors are set in a fairly limited palette and that lends to a consistent feel to the book and and plays a big part in the mood of the story. The letters are just excellent. It is professional job that stays out of the way and delivers when it needs to.

The opening act definitely raises some questions about what happens next, and I am sure the answers will result in entertaining comics.