Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mind #051: The Orange President and his Judenrätes

At long last, the Orange Skull said something with which I agree. Last week he said, “It’s not the gun that pulls the trigger — it’s the person holding the gun

Damn straight, President Pond Scum! I’ve been saying this for decades: It’s not guns that kill, it’s gun owners who kill. Sometimes they kill for good reason. Sometimes they just kill themselves. Sometimes they shoot their dicks off. The Bigot-in-Chief says these people are suffering from mental health issues.

This raises a question. How many people do you have to murder for your work is regarded as that of a madman? Nine? Four? Two??

Certainly not one. If we start defining everybody who is convicted of murdering only one person as having mental health issues, then what the hell would all those Texas and Florida executioners do for a living? The private prison industry would be hemorrhaging.

By this analysis, Hitler was not a mass murderer. He simply had mental health issues.

For that matter, are black people who shoot humans to death suffering from mental health issues? How about Muslims? Maybe Jews who vote for the Democratic Party? Somehow, I do not believe President Combover would agree with this. He’d be too busy blaming it all on Barack Obama. Somebody should tell Commander Shit-For-Brains that Obama is not going to get the Democratic nomination next summer.

Okay, fine. President Gingerass does have a tendency to suck all the air out of an argument, and we should not judge an issue solely by the words coming from the biggest and most bigoted idiot on the block… or his disgusting Judenräte buddy Stephen Miller.

Speaking of the Judenräten, there is at least one new thing out there that confuses the hell out of me. You may have heard President Propetia-puss said that Jews who vote for the Democratic Party are stupid and/or disloyal. Democrats, Jews, and Americans with an IQ greater than the speed limit slapped their foreheads and said “Oy, wotta shmeggege,” as though that was an original thought.

Our friends on the right have been flooding their media with “How can he be anti-Jewish? He’s pro-Israel, his son-in-law is that Jewish goniff Kushner, his daughter converted to Judaism, his most trusted advisor is that Judenräte Miller, and he’s buddy-buddy with Israeli prime minister Benny Netanyahu. He can’t possibly be anti-Jewish!!!”

I cheated. They don’t say anti-Jewish, they say anti-Semitic. However, Arabs are Semites as well. If they knew that, I’m sure it wouldn’t bother them one bit.

There are five things wrong with these five points. First, he’s pro-Israel because his is owned by those evangelicals who need Israel to be around for their messiah to return so that he could bring about the end of the world.

Second, Kushner is Jewish, this is true. And The Great Ego has gone on record praising Jews for their financial acumen. Clearly, the fool has not paid any attention to Jared’s 666 Fifth Avenue deal, arguably the worst real estate deal in American history. Third, yes, Jared’s wife did convert. Jared wouldn’t marry her if she didn’t and, perhaps she felt that turning Jew would get her daddy off her ass. Literally. Fourth, Miller is a Judenräte.

Finally, the Man-Who-Would-Be-Emperor is lustfully jealous of powerful dictators. He is so amorous of Vlad Putin and Kim Jong-un, two of the four most disgusting people presently on this planet, his fundamentalist fanboys should be deeply concerned. Benny Netanyahu fits this description like a glove.

As I’ve said before: Jews are not a monolithic voting bloc, and American Jews do not put Israel’s interests over America’s. To think otherwise makes you very anti-Jewish, and more than a little bit oblivious.

Which sums up Donald J. Trump perfectly.