FlameCon 2019 – Thoughts and Cosplay Pics

Flame Con 2019 was held this past weekend August 17-18, 2019 at the Sheraton Times Square in New York City. We were lucky to be in attendance and had a terrific time.

Flame Con is “the world’s largest queer comic con”, and this was its fifth year. The event features comics, arts and other entertainment, while hosting creators and special guests from all corners of the LGBTQ fandom.

There was a fantastic array of creators from corporate publishers and small, independent, often self, publishers. The atmosphere was intensely joyous. While the show floor was a little tightly packed, the visitors made their way through the aisles with little complaint. The placement of featured guests was spread out around the show floor which was an inspired decision.

Personally, there felt an egalitarian air to the whole event. It felt like everyone was genuinely excited to be there and thankful for the event’s existence. The programming panels were easily accessible, well attended, and interesting.

This was a full service con with a well set-up gaming room, a fantastic cosplay contest, and vendors of every persuasion.

Our hope is that next year, the con will continue to thrive and grow; however, it has hit the capacity for the venue that it occupied. If it grows, it will need more space to accommodate the guests and visitors.

We hope that every con is a thoughtful and respectful of the rights and concerns of its guests and visitors as Flame Con is. It was truly and wonderful event that we will be looking forward to experiencing again.

Below you will find some cosplay that we saw on the show floor. As might be expected, cosplay at this show in intense in all the best ways.


Photography by Shari Harrison

All photography on our site is taken with permission of the performers.