With Further Ado #052: A Conversation with Mark Waid

San Diego Comic-Con was full of big ideas, creative thinkers, celebrations of fandoms and a heathy respect (and awe) for the comics industry and those that have come before us.  Mark Waid embodies all those things. At the convention, he was busy speaking on panels, meeting fans, promoting the new innovative line of comics from Humaniods and trying to get his hands on that Rainbow Batman exclusive toy from Mattel.

(But then again, weren’t we all?)

But just before SDCC, I had a chance to interview Mark. He was the Keynote speaker at a small convention in the Finger Lakes.  He had a lot to say and speaking to him was a blast.  Enjoy this video, and you can almost relive last weekend’s 50th San Diego Comic-Con…but without those long lines!

5 thoughts on “With Further Ado #052: A Conversation with Mark Waid

  1. So was no mention of Richard Meyer and the gofundme drive a prerequisite for this interview?

    1. As you can see from the video, the interview was a panel at a convention.
      Why would you assume there was some kind of quid pro quo between Ed and Waid or Waid and Salt City Comic Con George??
      Ed asked Mark what Ed wanted to ask and he’d rather interview Mark about COMICS rather than lawsuits.

      1. Certainly Ed can ask Mark whatever he wants, but the lawsuit IS about comics and Mark mentioned the idea that some people believe that comic jobs are being given to people who are not very talented to fill a diversity quota. Seems pertinent.

  2. I just read Invisible Woman #1 (from Marvel) and I found it to be an unexpected treasure. Fresh, breezy but respectful of the character’s long history. I wish I had asked Mark about writing that one!

    1. Coincidentally Richard Meyer reviewed Invisible Woman and said, “Oh my gosh. it was fantastic!… This is not only fricken excellent on every level, it made me want the next issue.” 2:55 minutes in.