Webcomics: They Are Out There, Now Go Read Them!!!

Comics are changing. You can’t find single issues of comics at the newsstand or in the convenience store anymore. On the plus side, there are multiple outlets for creative talent to deliver amazing comics to the public.

While traditional single issue comic books continue to be a great source of visual narrative no matter if the delivery platform is physical or digital, there are other formats that have evolved into some incredible comic material. With the advent of internet comic platforms, creative talent can deliver their stories in strip form without having to rely on newspaper syndication.

Webcomics have sprung up pretty much since the dawn of the internet. You can find comics in narrative form, slice of life strip form, individual single panels, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Most are even designed for mobile delivery and can be read on phones and tablets using apps.

There are many webcomics that we look forward to updates from on a regular basis. We want to bring you some of the most amazing webcomics that we have found and think people should be reading.

Click on the images or the website listings below to check out each of these wonderful comics. Also we recommend thenib.com for fantastic satire comics.


Narrative Comics

Assassin Roommate
By Monica Gallagher
Currently on Hiatus but returning next week.

This adorable and exciting web comic is full of romance and danger. It is tempered by smart and funny dialogue. The primary character even won the “Fan Award” for Favorite Character at the 2018 Ringo Awards. Catch up now before the new season starts.


Cupid’s Arrows
By Thomas F. Zahler
New episodes released every Tuesday

This is a clever comic that looks at the agents of Cupid as two-man “hit teams” responsible for getting the correct people to fall in love. It is funny and sweet. The characterization is fantastic. We interviewed the cartoonist before the series was released and recommend seeing what he had to say.

Zahler also has a completed webcomic series on Webtoons called Warning Label, and any fans of romantic comedies and/or geek culture should definitely check that out.

By Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran
On hiatus

This highly anticipated collaboration has lived up to and exceeded expectations so far. The intriguing mystery story is fantastic. The characterization and art style are an absolute perfect match. We are certainly looking for the return of this webcomic, but you should check out the first season that is already out there.

The Middle Age
By Steve Conley
Webtoons.com and GoComics.com
New episodes released Mondays and Thursdays

Steve Conley has been plugging away with this four-panel per episode medieval adventure story. It is bursting with hilarious dialogue. Conley’s fantastic cartoonish style serves to enhance the impact of the more emotional beats that are appropriately spaced throughout this epic knight’s tale. We look forward to each installment of this Eisner Award nominated comic.

Nothing Special
By Katie Cook
New episodes released every Tuesdays

Everything is special about this comic. It is gorgeously drawn, written with fully developed characters that you can’t help but love, and then, there is Radish!! Who knew that the spirit of a dead vegetable could capture the hearts of the thousands of people who read this comic every week? Katie Cook is creating some of the best comic storytelling out there right now regardless of platform.

By Fabian Nicieza, Reilly Brown, Jay Leisten, and Matt Herms
Finished but we are praying for more

The creators of this comic take on the concerns and fears of all of us in the digital age and turn it into probably the best internet hero comic story I’ve ever seen. The writing and art are both superb. Season One is finished, and while the creators have more story to tell, we don’t know when it will be back. Don’t let that stop you from checking out this exciting story.

By Dean Haspiel
New episodes released every Wednesday

This is the third season of the New Brooklyn Saga by Dean Haspiel. The other two seasons are available on Webtoons.com, and we recommend all of them. This story is a deeply metaphysical love story masquerading as a superhero comic. We interviewed Dean between War Cry and Star Cross. There is a lot going on in this comic and you will be rewarded by taking it all in.

Urban Animal
By John Amor and Justin Jordan
New episodes released on Saturdays

This story of teen with fantastic abilities is fun and well put together. The action is dynamically laid out to take advantage of the platform. Justin Jordan’s dialogue and plot-pacing are top-notch. This is one of those stories that you find yourself suddenly engrossed in before you even know what is happening.


Slice of Life / Humor Webcomic Strips

Boo! It’s Sex
By Danielle Corsetto and Monica Gallagher
New episodes released Tuesdays and Thursdays

This strip should be required reading for anyone ages 17 to 25 or beyond. It is better than any sex-education course ever invented. Monica Gallagher’s art sets the perfect tone, and the format is wonderful. The comic is a series of sex-ed lessons woven into a loose narrative form. The narrative has been picking up intensity recently, so get on it.

How to Cat
By Lucas Turnbloom
Gocomics.com and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Updates twice weekly

This is a strip that will have you rolling in laughter, regularly. It you have, or have ever had, a cat, you should be reading this. The simple line work belies a strong creative undertaking with the ability to communicate feline feelings in the most perfect way.

Lil’ Donnie
By Mike Norton
Currently on Hiatus

Mike Norton’s political satire is uproariously entertaining. His simple strips completely capture the incredulous nature of memorable moments in the first couple of years of the 45th president’s term. We had a chance to talk to Mike about his plans for the strip at C2E2 this year. It is definitely a fun read.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend
By Fishball
New episodes released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

This is one of the most popular strips on Webtoons.com. It is up to 300 episodes already and is a fun, adorable, glimpse into young adult relationships. The art is consistently entertaining, and the story telling is advanced for an eight to ten panel strip. Really good stuff.

Sarah’s Scribbles
By Sarah Andersen
Webtoons.com and Gocomics.com
Updated weekly

This Ringo Award winning comic strip is wonderful. The self-aware main character’s struggles with anxiety and “adulting” are examples all of us can relate to in one way or another. The style for this four to five panel strip is disarming and inviting.

Woman World
By aminder_d
Updated infrequently

The post-apocalyptic male-less Woman World is an entertaining respite from the modern times. There are plenty of good pokes at “accepted” conventions and there are characters whose attributes are adorable.