Continued After the Next Page #008: Happy Geek Day!!!

We are living in a golden age of fandom. Gone are the days of hiding your comic collection in the closet when school friends came over. The time when liking sci-fi books was cause for odd glances in the cafeteria is in the past. There are incredible things happening in the world today.

Let’s take for example the things we can point at that show the geek/nerd culture is popular in the mainstream;


The best selling motion picture in the world is Avengers: Endgame. It is the epic conclusion to over ten years of movie storytelling. I was moved to tears of joy while watching it at the massive amount of comic book characters from my your being translated to the big screen. This move was highly anticipated and it shattered box office records left and right.

There are on average four to five comic book inspired movies released every year. There was a time we would have to wait years between them. Not all are perfect and some are bad, but these movies are getting made and that in itself is a triumph.

Game of Thrones

The hit TV show broadcast on HBO and based on the fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin is in it final season. It makes every Sunday night an event. People are planning their weekends to make sure they are near a TV at 9:00 PM, or figuring out how to avoid spoilers until they can catch up. The first book in the series is currently in the top 10 on both Amazon and the New York Times Bestseller lists.

We have come a long way when we were grateful that we could watch Buck Rogers or the original Battlestar Galactica on prime time TV. Now there are dozens of fantasy, sci-fi, or superhero shows. There are so many that it is virtually impossible to keep up. We have to choose our favorites try to keep up with those.

Comichron Report

According to a report published this week on, comic books and graphic novels hit all time highs is sales figures for the whole of 2018. People are reading and buying comics. Today they come in many forms and a litany of genres and those facts are good for the industry.

There are doomsayers, as there have always been, and the industry is certainly changing. The fact that comic books are evolving is natural. We need to adapt to the readership and find ways to get better. Those people who focus on reactionary ideals of returning to a false golden age are wrong. This is the golden age.


Star Wars Day

Today is May 4th. It is Star Wars Day. May the Fourth Be with You! The fact that the world recognizes this is amazing. There are events all over the world to celebrate one of the most popular fandoms ever. There are giveaways at Major League Baseball stadiums to celebrate this “geek holiday”.

While the community is saddened by the recent loss of one of the literal giants of the saga, it is day of celebration.

Rest in Peace, Peter Mayhew. May the Force be with you!!

Free Comic Book Day

The last thing I want to mention is that today is Free Comic Book Day. There are free comic books at comic shops over the world. The Local Comic Shops have planned amazing events to service their clientele both new and old. There are likely to be sales and even comic pro signings at comic shops. I plan on attending events at at least two of our favorite shops.

This is a big day for your LCS. It is their Black Friday. Take a look at the link below and go for a drive to your local comic shop. Get some free comics. Buy some more. Support small local business. Help drive the economy and find some amazing enjoyment in the meantime.

These are glorious days to enjoy all the things that Pop Culture Squad stands for. Go out and find your way to celebrate.