Beat JENeration #032: Avengers: Endgame (No Spoilers)

Well, shit.


It’s currently 11:42pm Thursday night, PDT and I know the internet is full of all kinds of spoilers (because I already looked up some pressing issues), but it doesn’t feel right to say anything yet.

Even though I haven’t seen a theatre that crowded ever. Well, maybe in the 1980’s, on a holiday weekend. It was crazy. And I loved every second of it.

I think it’s safe to also note that I got a bucket of popcorn and a large drink and didn’t finish either for the first time in I can’t even tell you. I just got too caught up in the movie. That probably has never happened before.

I liked it very much. I will see it again tomorrow. Probably also another time within the next week.

It just doesn’t feel right to say anything else. Except maybe that I wish for you all to see it spoiler free. 

Also…and this might be a little spoilery to the absolute purists amongst you, so promise me that you won’t read any further if you haven’t see the movie. You can read all my thoughts next week.  I will have many.  I will also tell you the results of our office Death Pool.

So, goodbye, until then.



Turn around.


Seriously, go back.






What I can’t get out of mind is that…

No more warnings.

…Thor’s behavior and most of his dialogue really makes me understand his relationship with Loki more. I can totally see why Thor loves him so much. They are more alike at the core than different.  And when Thor wasn’t being tricked by Loki in snake form and stabbed as a kid, they probably had many hundreds of years of fun. Thor probably was quite a fun trickster himself.

This wasn’t what made me happiest in the movie, but it’s what made me the happiest as I drove home.