Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mind #032: Some Of My Best Friends…

Lately, our nation’s Despot-In-Chief has been facing growing accusations of anti-Semitism. On one hand, acts of anti-Semitism in America have been growing faster than the measles outbreaks in Orthodox neighborhoods. On the other hand, we have a tendency to think that just because a person repeatedly shows bigoted behavior towards various groups – in Trump’s case, Muslims, Hispanics, Africans and most all other people who are imbued more eumelanin than Casper the Friendly Ghost – they must be bigoted towards all groups.

That is just silly.

Clearly, Trump is also highly bigoted towards women, and, arguably, towards attractive women and women in power. He is bigoted towards anybody who vocalizes opinions that differ from his, even though his opinions frequently change within the course of his speeches, and sometimes within his sentences.

But is he bigoted towards Jews? That is an interesting question.

“Hey,” Trump might well say, “Some of my best friends are Jewish.” Then he would point to Stephen Miller, the juggler best known for simultaneously being both a Jew and a Nazi, adding “Yeah, that guy jewed down the price of those cages. He saved us a fortune.” Miller would be at home with the likes of Emil Maurice and General Erhard Milch.

Miller is a toxic turd. He is the mastermind of Trump’s immigration policy – the modern-day pogrom – and he got that job after years of stellar service to Jeff Sessions and Michele Bachmann. If we had been in a declared war and we had lost that war, Miller would be in chains shivering before Spencer Tracy. Yup, Miller is Jewish. He self-defines as a white nationalist, so his understanding of American history is negligible.

His other top advisor, Jared Kushner, is also Jewish. Jared is one of those 25 people that were denied a top security clearance by the Office of Personnel Management, the Defense Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Trump overruled all 25 decisions. Kushner’s wife, Ivana, also was denied such clearance. She’s also a top advisor to the president. Oh, and she’s the president’s daughter. You know, the one who is the avowed object of his lust. She’s also Jewish… at present. When the rats start drowning, we’ll see who her savior really is

Fun Fact: Kushner and Miller loathe each other.

And then there’s his love affair with the evil mastermind of the middle east, Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s also Jewish, although to be fair that is a prerequisite for his long-time job as leader of Israel. Benji won reelection to his job two days ago, although by a very close margin. As I detailed in this space last month, a great many Jews – evidently a majority, worldwide, have been opposed to Netanyahu’s polices of annexing the Golan Heights and moving the capitol to Jerusalem. Even more are in support of the two-state solution, which Benji loathes. And Trump is his camp follower.

So, some of his best… well, associates… are Jewish. How can he possibly be anti-Semitic?

Let’s look at his performance last week before the Republican Jewish Coalition convention. Yeah, I know, somehow there is an RJC but there’s no accounting for taste. In the 1930s wealthy German Jews thought they were safe from the promises made in Mein Kampf. The convention was held in one of Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas bastions; Sheldon is another one of Trump’s Jewish collaborators and he stepped up to the plate when the Koch Brothers refused to support the Orange Menace in 2016. He’s also Jewish, but he does not seem to be at all upset by Trump’s comments before the RJC. Many in his rightist minion seemed to be of a different opinion.

What Trump said was “I stood with your prime minister (emphasis mine) at the White House to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.” Recognizing Israeli sovereignty over Palestinian lands is not likely to further the cause of peace, but Trump never backed that anyway. No, the scary part is that Trump nonchalantly promotes the anti-Semitic fear that American Jews are not Americans, they are outsiders who believe being Jewish means Netanyahu is their pope, and American Jews’ loyalty is pro-Israel / anti-Palestinian and therefore anti-freedom of religion.

This song is #2 on the anti-Semitic top ten list. Whomever lent Trump their copy of the Classics Illustrated edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion should be shot. Not killed, mind you, just shot.

This attitude isn’t new – several years ago he appeared before the same group and stated because he (Trump) wouldn’t accept their (Jews) money, they would not vote for him. “You want to control your politicians, that’s fine,” Trump said.

Yup. That particular trope is #1 on the list of anti-Semitic bullshit. #1 – with a bullet.

Trump’s disgusting support of White Nationalists and American Nazis speaks for itself. And this view has not been altered, changed, denounced, contradicted nor mitigated.

So, Is Donald J. Trump anti-Semitic?

Is the Pope Catholic?