Kickstarter You Should Be Backing: PUNK TACO Vol. 2: Giant Problems! An All-Ages Graphic Novel

Hey there PCS Fanatics. This is the latest edition of Kickstarter That You Should Be Backing!! From time to time we get wind of really interesting or worthy Kickstarter campaign, and we are just compelled to let you folks know about it.

We like to bring you projects that we find are in need of and worthy of our support. The project we are bringing you this week fits both those categories.

It is a project that will hit all the right notes. It is a solely creator owned project that is originating from a veteran comics creator, Adam Wallenta, and his son. Punk Taco has already had a Volume 1 release and this is the second attempt at Volume 2. It is almost there for a successful campaign.


From the Campaign:


Punk Taco is a lovable sentient taco who rocks out across the universe with his band of misfits, fighting evil and helping those in need. Punk Taco believes in peace and love but has no tolerance for bullies and tyrants, so when he sees an injustice, he can’t resist helping and joining in the fight.

He loves his friends and considers them family, and will do anything for them. His empathy and compassion for others and his willingness to sacrifice himself to help the downtrodden is legendary.

We definitely are supporting this project! It is an all-ages book that you could get for your family or friends. We feel that all ages graphic novels are a great way to introduce the comic medium to younger generations.

The fact that this property was created by a father and child team just adds to the impetus to support it.

Check it out and help Adam get to the finish line and beyond.

UPDATE 4/5: Punk Taco has crossed the threshold to be funded!!! Hooray!! However there is still time to back this project and get your hands on this excellent book.

Here is the link to the project: LINK