Kickstarter You Should Be Backing: TALES OF THE ROCKABILLY RAMBLER

Hey there PCS Fanatics. This is the latest edition of Kickstarter That You Should Be Backing!! From time to time we get wind of really interesting or worthy Kickstarter campaign, and we are just compelled to let you folks know about it.

Today’s highlighted campaign is the result of an intensive creative process and is called.



The folks behind the 48 Hour Comic Project are bringing their fourth comic anthology to life in this campaign.  According to campaign creator Aaron Allen, “The 48 Hour Comic Project is a crazy and sleepless weekend in which a writer and artist create a comic book- write, illustrate, color, and publish- in just 48 hours!” This project went beyond the 48 Hour limit, but we don’t think you will hold it against them.

We were able to get together with artist and participating creator Ryan Morrow, and he had this to say, “The idea started when Artist and publisher Aaron Allen visited Graceland with his wife and they came upon a display chronicling Elvis’ Law Enforcement fascination. Standing there staring at all that police ephemera and the beautiful turquoise handled colt 45 he was inspired. What if Elvis had pursued that life? Why not create short fictional stories of his time as a police officer; better yet a police officer in space, or any adventure through the multiverse: western, noir, pirates, intergalactic travel, espionage, horror?”

TALES OF THE ROCKABILLY RAMBLER is a psychedelic selection of original short form comics focusing on a rock ‘n’ roll icon and his adventures through a multiverse of time and space. Each team of creators was challenged with a given theme and genre; all focusing on the king of swivel’s fictional tales of law reinforcement.

Allen to put together teams of creators and the project started to gain momentum. In all 9 teams of writers and artists created 9 original stories focussing on Elvis as a law enforcement officer or some flavor of that.

We have had the extraordinary opportunity to take a look at the completed comic stories, and they are wonderful. A complete array of art styles and storytelling approaches will great you in the pages of this wild comic anthology. There is something for everyone.

This campaign ends on March 31st. So make sure you go and check it out.

Kickstarter: Tales of the Rockabilly Rambler

Below is the cover for the printed edition that was done by veteran comic legend Bob McLeod.