Everything We Read This Week – 03/06/2019

Welcome back to Everything We Read This Week.  This is the place that we make our weekly trip through this week’s pull-list. It features mostly spoiler-free brief analysis and commentary of each book.

This was a big week for comic books. There were so many great books out there for all types of readers. The battle for favorite was quite intense. There were a couple great new series that started. We try to read as much as we can to bring you recommendations on what good stuff is being produced. Unfortunately, we can’t read all the comics. So, remember to find what you like, GO OUT AND FIND SOME COMICS TO READ!! They are good for you.

We reviewed books from DC, Marvel, Image, Berger Books, Dynamite, Oni Press, and Boom! Studios this week. As always, we hope you might find what we say interesting enough to try some of these comics.

Also, Don’t forget to check our hotlist of new books debuting this month over here. You will see books that we were looking forward to with the designation Hot #1 by them. There are a few of them out this week and they are really good.


There is a 4 star rating system. It is simple and not to be taken too seriously as everyone gets their own impressions of art. These ratings are just to give our readers an idea of what we thought of the book, and they will be on the generous side normally. So don’t expect to see a lot of 1 Stars. After all, it’s not often that you have a bad book on your pull-list.

The rating system is as follows:




 Not Good

Also look for the book we deemed Favorite Book of the Week. It is the comic that we like the most this week. The criteria are difficult to pin down, but suffice to say it is a book that moved us.

And here are the books we read in alphabetical order:


The Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU, Avengers #16, Avengers: No Road Home #4, Batman #66, Cemetery Beach #7, Champions #3, Conan the Barbarian #4, DIE #4, Domino: Hotshots #1, Doomsday Clock #9, Female Furies #2, The Girl In The Bay #2, The Green Lantern #5, Morning in America #1, Red Sonja #2, Ronin Island #1,
Uncanny X-Men #13, Young Justice #3


The Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU
Marvel Comics
Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Iban Coello
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover art by Greg Land & Justin Ponsor

The new Amazing Spider-Man arc “Hunted” begins in this issue. It is a bit of an prelude issue. Some of the slow burn plotlines that Spencer has been working since the beginning of his run are starting to come to fruition. That is all well done, and the new arc looks interesting. However, this issue centers around the Black Cat and her returning memories of her time with Spider-Man. That part of this story is just wonderful. There are strong emotional beats that both warm and break the heart. This is an excellent single issue. The art is dynamic and reflective of the tone of the story. Coello and Delgado did a great job delineating between current action and flashback scenes.

Avengers #16
Marvel Comics
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by David Marquez
Colors by Erick Arciniega
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover art by Marquez & Matthew Wilson

The Avengers fight in the civil war within the vampire community continues in this issue. Captain Marvel voices what some readers might be thinking by questioning the reason for the Avengers to be involved in this conflict. There are some interesting character development notes, particularly with Ghost Rider. He feels like the only character who is being paid attention to lately, and in this issue, he gets sent home. Marquez’s fiery action scenes are excellent, and Arciniega renders them beautifully. It is a fine comic book.

Avengers: No Road Home #4
Marvel Comics
Written by Al Ewing, Jim Zub, & Mark Waid
Art by Sean Izaakse
Colors by Marcio Menyz
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover art by Yasmine Putri

This Avengers story is more captivating to me than the main title’s story arc. There is quite of bit of entertaining backstory in this issue, and Izaakse masterfully moves from setting to setting with ease. The characterization is excellent, and the team of writers are crafting a compelling story. It feels like we are seeing the long hinted at swan song for Vision in this series, but we will have to see where that goes. Another week and another solid entry in this series.

Batman #66
DC Comics
Written by Tom King
Art by Jorge Fornes
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover art by Mikel Janin

Following the interlude of the weekly Flash crossover in February, Tom King returns to the “Knightmares” arc in Batman. This issue focuses on Catwoman being interrogated by The Question. Talk about “on the nose’! While we are being led to believe that this series of vignette stories are taking place in Batman’s subconscious, this issue starts to tear at the established reasoning for the events of Batman #50. There feels like movement in the story with this issue. Fornes art is fantastic. There is a definite nod in style to Mazzucchelli in certain sequences which is charming. Stewart’s colors are a vital piece in defining the storytelling and leading the audience through the jumble of scenes.

Cemetery Beach #7
Image Comics
Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Jason Howard
Letters by Fonografiks
Cover art by Howard

Favorite Book of the Week

The finale to this story was excellent. Howard’s visual storytelling stands out, as is expected, in this series. The mad dash to Cemetery Beach comes to an excellent and somewhat surprising end. We have been loving this series, and while it comes to a satisfying end, there is room for more story, and boy, do we hope there is more. There is action, emotional depth, character development, and bits of social commentary in this book. It has enough of everything that makes a great comic. This is our Favorite Book of the Week because of this issue and also in recognition of the whole series.


Champions #3
Marvel Comics
Written by Jim Zub
Art by Steven Cummings
Colors by Marcio Menyz with Federico Blee
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover art by Kim Jacinto & Rain Beredo

This issue of the Champions is excellently done. Zub does a great job of advancing multiple plot lines in this issue. The fallout from the previous issue is a major focus, but there are other story threads being developed for future issues. As impressive as that is, Zub also manages to introduce a possible new team member and place the story within the larger continuity. At the same time, that there are clear societal and cultural references to the interplay of hatred and tolerance. Cummings art is dynamic and expressive. Overall a great book.

Conan the Barbarian #4
Marvel Comics
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Gerardo Zaffino
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover art by Esad Ribic

Aaron’s Conan story is taking its time to flesh out the character and his past. The series has been a collection of stand-alone issues that are loosely reminding the audience of the overarching threat that was introduced in the first issue. In this issue, Conan’s bloodlust and sense of vengeance and justice are explored in a wonderful little tale. Zaffino’s rough lineart and heavy shadows are the perfect compliments for such a visceral story. Wilson’s colors mute the violence in a way that allows for knowledge of its existence without making the violence the focal point of the story.

DIE #4
Image Comics
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Stephanie Hans
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover art by Hans

This series is amazing. It is superficially exciting and intriguing but also deeply emotional. There is a moment toward the end of this issue when the audience and characters feel like progress is being made, and then everything gets pushed back in a way all to familiar to someone who has experience with story driven role-playing games. There has been an overwhelming sadness to this story from the beginning but even though there are setbacks it feels like a corner is being turned in the mood of the book. There is only so much praise you can heap upon Stephanie Hans for her art in this series before it becomes repetitive. The book would not be the same without her, and she delivers a visual story that reads well without the words but is devastatingly beautiful when the book is taken as a whole.

Domino: Hotshots #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Gail Simone
Art by David Baldeon
Colors by Jim Charalampidis
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover art by R.B. Silva & Nolan Woodward

Hot #1

This is an adorable issue of spy drama and world threatening alien artifacts. There is a warm and comfortable feeling that comes from reading this comic. Which really doesn’t make a lot of sense, but is amazing. The plot has Domino and her friends in treacherous situations, but Gail Simone and David Baldeon have a way of placing the danger just far enough from the center that it is real, but the true story is the personal interaction and reflections of the main character. It is fun and chaotic. We are glad to see Domino back in Gail’s hands and look forward to the rest of this series.

Doomsday Clock #9
DC Comics
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gary Frank
Colors by Brad Anderson
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover art by Frank & Anderson

This book is gorgeous. The book is filled with nine and twelve panel grids which makes camera choices of paramount importance. Gary Frank nails it!! The action that the audience has been expecting really picks up the pace in this issue. This brings the story to a battle with the heroes of the world against Dr. Manhattan. There are still inconsistencies that, I would argue, mean that if anyone thinks they know precisely what is going on in this book, they are likely mistaken. It is nostalgic at a minimum and excellent storytelling. It echos the grand scale of stories like Crisis on Infinite Earths, but with a mystery that has a dark feel to it. With this series seventy-five percent complete, it seems that the pacing issues we had earlier have been resolved and we are ready for the final act.

Female Furies #2
DC Comics
Written by Cecil Castellucci
Art by Adriana Melo
Colors by Hi-Fi
Letters by Carlos M. Managual
Cover art by Dan Panosian

Cecil Castellucci is telling an unashamedly harsh tale of violence against women and all that goes into it. The fact that it is set in the fantastical world of Darkseid’s court of Apocalypse does not diminish the message. This is a story that should be being told. Adriana Melo’s art is simply gorgeous. The facial expressions that she creates are wonderful. The action sequences are lovely. Hi-Fi’s colors are of note in the way that they highlight the appropriate focus of each panel. We are looking forward more of this series.

The Girl In The Bay #2
Dark Horse / Berger Books
Written by J.M. DeMatteis
Art by Corin Howell
Colors by James Devlin
Letters by Clem Robins

DeMatteis and Howell are crafting a fantastic tale in this series. The supernatural themes are approached from unique angles, and the characterization is interesting. Howell’s art is beautiful. It flows wonderfully, and her sometimes creepy character designs are delightful. We will be waiting next month for more from this mysterious story.


The Green Lantern #5
DC Comics
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Liam Sharp
Colors by Steve Oliff
Letters by Tom Orzechowski
Cover art by Sharp & Oliff

This is a fantastically drawn book. Sharp’s game in this series has been top notch, and in this issue he continues his use of uniquely creative panel shapes and layouts. The audience is given a window into the “behind the scenes” motivation for Hal Jordan’s current status, and it is exceptionally well done. The challenges facing the hero in this series have been getting more interesting. The final panel sets up a heck of a cliffhanger.

Morning in America #1
Oni Press
Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Art by Claudia Aguirre
Letters by Zakk Saam
Cover art by Aguirre

Hot #1

What a sensational start for this new series! Mags Visaggio and Claudia Aguirre manage to lay down some interesting characters and an intriguing conflict based in small town Ohio in the mid 80’s, in this first issue. The teen girls at the center of the story are tough but engagingly written and drawn. Aguirre’s style is a great complement to the tone of the book, and her coloring choices are excellent. We are completely hooked on this book.


Red Sonja #2
Written by Mark Russell
Art by Mirko Colak
Colors by Dearbhla Kelly
Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover art by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts

Mark Russell is bringing it big-time to Red Sonja. The story set up in the first issue is continued in this book, and it is wonderful. Sonja is smart and strong-willed, but also caring and compassionate. She is a tour de force in this series, and she hasn’t even entered battle. Colak’s art is glorious. There is an old school magazine feel to the lines that is nostalgic, but the art is also vivid and dynamic. While Dynamite continues to reboot the series, Russell has complete grasp on the character, and she is in good hands.

Ronin Island #1
Boom! Studios
Written by Greg Pak
Art by Giannis Milonogiannis
Colors by Irma Kniivila
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover art by Milonogiannis with colors by Msassyk

Hot #1

Another New Number One hit the stands this week. This one is from Boom! Studios and features a tale from Greg Pak and Giannis Milonogiannis. The conflict set in this first issue is interesting and has tremendous potential to be explored in various ways. The art is excellently crafted to have a particular feel that works well in this story. We are certainly intrigued and will be coming back to see where it goes from here.


Uncanny X-Men #13
Marvel Comics
Written by Matthew Rosenberg
Art by Salvador Larroca
Colors by Guru-eFX
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover art by Larroca & Rachelle Rosenberg

The remnants of the X-Men begin to develop a purpose and a plan in this issue. There are well designed and executed fight scenes. There is a little Summers brother conversation that we would like to see more of. Overall this is a solid issue. The art is well done and the lead up to the next issue has us excited.


Young Justice #3
DC Comics
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Patrick Gleason & Viktor Bogdanovic
Inks by Jonathan Glapion
Colors by HI-FI, Alejandro Sanchez, & Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual & Josh Reed
Cover art by Gleason & Sanchez

This is a good comic book. It is nice to look at. The middle pages are particularly good. I still have no idea what is happening here or how these characters are existing, but we are willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. We are hope that faith will pay off.




Well, that is it for this week. Thanks for reading, and let us know what you think about these books or any books you are reading in the comments.