“Young Justice: Outsiders” Is Now Available on DC Universe

Today is the day!

For longtime fans of the Young Justice animated series, that phrase brings back good memories. It was the way the youthful heroes anticipated their graduation from sidekick status to full heroes.

Over the two previous seasons of this series, the group of four has changed, grown, and suffered loss. This series has been inarguably one of the best animated action series ever. The quality of the story telling and characterization has always been extremely high. When it was cancelled for spurious reasons, fans were devastated. However, it is back.

On the subscriber-only DC Universe streaming service, the first three episodes of the next season, Young Justice: Outsiders debut today. It appears that the remaining series’ 24-minute episodes will be released on a weekly basis.  The second batch of three episodes will be released on January 11th. The new season returns the original producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. Sam Register is listed as the Executive Producer.

We have watched the first three episodes, and we will not spoil any content. However, this is a fantastic show. It feels very much at home to fans of the show. The characters and voice actors are there despite the long hiatus. The inside jokes that kept the “Team” loose and close are still there.

Just to set the stage, this season picks up two years after the events of the last season’s finale. The heroes have grown into new roles, and it starts out with the core group having to deal with a secret mission. There are twenty-six scheduled so far, based on the initial pacing, it feels like they will be taking their time to flesh out character driven plot points as they have in the past.

Older fans of Batman and the Outsiders will be pleased with some of the new characters that are introduced early. If you have never read, Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo’s run from the early 80’s you are missing out.

If you were holding out on subscribing to DC Universe, if you are a fan of this show, you will not be disappointed if you subscribe now. Also the Titans series is really good. You can see what Mike Gold had to say about that show here.

Just to make it clear, Young Justice: Outsiders continues the amazingly high quality storytelling, characterization, an animation techniques that YJ has always been known for. The new mission that this third season revolves around is compelling and exciting. We will be looking forward to this weekly.