GrimJack Convention Panel Audio at Baltimore Comic Con 2018

Hello there. In the interest of making sure you have something to do this weekend. We are bringing you an audio recording of the GrimJack Panel from Baltimore Comic-Con in September 2018. It is moderated by our own Mike Gold, and is starring the creators of the wonderful GrimJack, PCS’s John Ostrander and Timothy Truman. Former First Comics Art Director and comic legend Joe Staton also makes a guest appearance.  The audio recording tracks the panel discussion from the origins of the character and lets the creators share some of their fond memories of John Gaunt.




One thought on “GrimJack Convention Panel Audio at Baltimore Comic Con 2018

  1. Right after this panel, I went to the garage to meet a friend in northern Maryland. My car battery had other ideas. Actually, it no longer had any ideas at all. Bob offered to help, although I think pushing my car all the way up to Westminster might have been too much to ask. Frustrating, but if you’re gonna own a car sooner or later you won’t be going anywhere.