Brainiac on Banjo #017: Post-Reality Credits

This might sound kind of bitchy, but then again regular readers of Brainiac On Banjo will note that my default writing style is set to “bitchy.” Hey, it’s a living.

If you watch superhero movies, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the plethora of post-credits teaser scenes. Don’t get me wrong: I love these post-credits teaser scenes. They were pioneered by Marvel Studios over a decade ago. I enjoy the fact that, recently, Marvel added a mid-credits sequence to most of their releases as well. I understand why those Marvel character movies that aren’t produced by Marvel Studios now have them as well – most of the current Spider-Man movies, the ever-widening X-Men cluster and, brilliantly, the Deadpool movies.

I like how Warner Bros imitates this in many of their DC movies, as have other franchises. To be fair, Marvel Studios “borrowed” the stunt from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, released 22 years prior to Iron Man I.I think there should be a law passed that each and every movie produced today and in the future – including documentaries – be compelled to have a post-credits sequence, preferably featuring Samuel L. Jackson and/or Robert Downey Jr. To lighten the budget, Sam can push a few credit cards if he so desires. But the last episode if the first season of DC’s Titans, lawfully available only on DC’s DC Universe streaming site, has an end-credits teaser that will most definitely screw you up. 

SPOILER ALERT: There are no spoilers here. What, just because I’m bitchy doesn’t mean I’m an asshole.

Here’s the deal: unlike teevee shows that didn’t know they’d been renewed for another season (hello, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; I’ve missed you!), Titanss01e11 ends on a cliffhanger. And then, after the end credits, there’s another cliffhanger right before the mandatory Berlanti Productions coda. It starts with “Somewhere in Metropolis…”

Hint: the character in question is not the Man of Steel… nor does he appear on the CW thus far. He’s new to the sometimes-harmonious DCTVU. One that is most certainly not expected… unless somebody spoiled it for you.

Not me. I am not an asshole. Usually. To be clear (but not in the Scientology sense), I enjoyed the season finale and I enjoyed these cliffhangers. I think I can remember them until the second season, but maybe not. I cannot remember what I had for breakfast a couple of hours ago.

Titans season one, episode eleven, “Dick Grayson,” started streaming a couple days ago. The whole season is now up in the sky for your paid viewing pleasure. Unless you pulled an “11” on the fanboy anal-retentive scale (Titans is not a slave to any of the many, many established DCU print continuities), you’re likely to enjoy it. You might need to push yourself a bit in order to get past the initial introductory episodes – one being the very enjoyable ersatz-pilot for their Doom Patrol series that will start on the streamer in about six weeks), and you will come to understand that at the end of the day this first season was, indeed, all about Dick Grayson.

I think you’ll like it.

Well, at least I did. Your mileage may vary.

One thought on “Brainiac on Banjo #017: Post-Reality Credits

  1. The first post credit scene I remember (I used to call them Credit Junkie Rewards) was in Young Sherlock Holmes in 1985.