Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mind #014: Hokey Smokes, Trump! Just Stop It!

I had something else on my mind this week, and I had put a lot of thought into it. Driving from Maryland to Connecticut Monday on the New Jersey Turnpike gave me a lot of bumper-to-bumper time for thought, and I’d rather think than curse.

I scheduled Tuesday for sleeping late, bumping into walls, chatting with the cats, ignoring emails and vacuuming away the left-over energy from a typically wonderful time at the Baltimore Comic-Con… until I caught the news. Within nanoseconds, my original topic flew out of my brainpan faster than a speeding bullet. Once again, Donald J. Trump was pumping out offensively obnoxious bullshit, clearly bent on outdoing his “grab him by the pussy” headstone moment.

No matter what you think of Doctor Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony last week – at the time Trump commended her for it, and it was quite convincing to many who had not already made their minds up. Clearly, she deserved respect for surviving her experience – although there are those too stupid to understand why victims of sexual assault might not what to volunteer to re-experience that horror. If you need amplification on this, look at the way the Republican senators have responded to her “performance.” They quickly were eclipsed by Trump’s performance a couple days ago in Southaven, Mississippi. 

It’s not just the phrasing of his comments: “I don’t know. I don’t know.’ ‘Upstairs? Downstairs? Where was it? I don’t know. But I had one beer. Where was the place? I don’t know. What neighborhood was it in? I don’t know. I don’t remember.” Trump mocked. He stood there and made fun of a person we have every reason to believe was a sexual assault victim by somebody, if not by Trump-bro Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump did this before a rabble of stereotypical Southern rednecks that I thought had long ago gone with the wind. “Lock her up! Lock her up!” these lame vultures were chanting, many doing so in the name and spirit of their deity. And, yes, they were referring to Christine Blasey Ford, and, yes, Trump did not seize upon the opportunity to take a John McCain moment. He’s an idiot, but as a politician Trump is a train-wreck.

And then Kellyanne Conway, his rented prophylactic, disdainfully said Ford has “been treated like a Fabergé egg.” It was the most memorable part of her rant, and it was odd to see a sexual assault survivor – as Conway claims to be – go to such great lengths to empower and embolden those men and women who commit sexual assault. Was she assaulted? Maybe. If so, she’s got a mental illness that goes well beyond simply being a pathetic Republican hack.

Trump’s performance was not well received by many prominent Republicans. Some showed the ounce of courage it took to say he shouldn’t have done it. But will that actually change any Republican senators’ votes tomorrow? We’ll see.

Here’s the final bit of proof that Ford was not lying. Prior to her testimony, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch O’Connell said that they would listen to Ford’s testimony and then he would call for a vote and lyin’ Brett Kavanaugh would be confirmed to his life-time appointment to the Supreme Court, and that’s that.

It’s like a kangaroo court, but with the kangaroo’s pouch sewn up. At least Mitch was being honest. In essence he said “Hey, if you want to subject yourself and your family to death threats, have to move from your home, end your career, forever become a pariah to our rabid rabble and a living threat to their teensy sense of masculinity, hey, bitch, go nuts!”

After that, he set the terms of the FBI investigation. Mind you, this was not a criminal investigation – it’s seen as a job interview, and I concur. I doubt there’s any candidate who has been completely satisfied with his or her job interviews, even those who have not been credibly accused of attempted rape. The FBI was not permitted to interview several key witnesses including both the accuser and the accused – despite what lyin’ Trump said in public. The phony investigation was permitted less than one week to do its job, and Mitch said her accuser’s supporters would not be satisfied with the outcome and would bitch and whine and moan.

Scumbags defending scumbags. For what? There are other far-right-wing shitheads that would have sailed through the process. Why this particular shithead?

Kangaroo court. Kavanaugh might become the next Supreme Court justice, but it’s also possible that next month or in 2020 the Democrats will have the Senate back in their hands.

And that’s when Kavanaugh’s impeachment trial will begin.