Joe Quesada Talks Comicsgate on Twitter

Joe Quesada just took to twitter to address Richard Meyer, aka Diversity & Comics, and whole beautiful thread is here as another pillar of our industry speaks up and speaks out against the campaign of harassment and bigotry that is Comicsgate.

5 thoughts on “Joe Quesada Talks Comicsgate on Twitter

  1. It should be noted that while Meyer was civil and couched his stance in “I’m just roasting them, it’s a thing a military guy like me is used to” it’s not his personal actions that are harassment. He and EVS are very careful to make a point to not harass creators. They are the Wicked Witch of the West setting loose their flying monkeys. Their rabid, nameless, faceless flying monkeys of hate and harassment. Then they can say their hands are clean, that they are just creators building an alternative comics community; taking zero responsibility for the actions they inspire with their vitriol.

    1. Adriane, I follow Diversity and Comics and he is very clear in suggesting to not engage with the authors that take criticism as harassment. Actually the harassment to me is from the industry: when he made a comic they used all their power and influence to shutting him down. I wonder if the authors that are criticized are taking responsibility for actions that sometimes are like yours (name calling with every adjective) and in other times are even destruction of stores or physical discrimination against customers.

      1. So you’re a comicsgater. Lovely. You’ll find no quarter here. You’re just wrong, but yay for you believing Meyer’s lies and faux-victimhood. You along with your ilk obviously have little to no understanding of what journalism actually is how actual literary criticism works.
        Richard Meyer uses the same wink and nod technique to keep him free of the liability of the hordes he dog whistles to. It’s a play right out of Richard Spencer’s playbook.

      2. But thanks for reminding me I have the option to close the comments after an arbitrary period of time like 30 days so I don’t have to deal with folks digging up old posts in order to defend Richard Meyer and Comicsgate.

      3. And please show me the name calling adjectives I used to describe Meyer here in comment you replied to.

        Fact: no one “used all their power” shut down his ability to produce his comic. He was dropped by a publisher who decided they didn’t want to be associated with someone who held his views. He sold plenty of copies via his crowdfunding, did he not?? He produced it. If the public & market wants it they have the ability to obtain a copy.

        Please cite these supposed cases of discrimination against customers and destruction of physical stores. I’ve only heard of the vandalization of multiple stores that publicly said they wouldn’t cary Jawbreakers.

        And it isn’t discrimination to refuse to carry an item, it’s a free market economy. If Walmart doesn’t carry a certain item, you can go to Target. With the advent of the internet you don’t even have to shop locally any more so if your LCS won’t sell you a book, it’s literally their loss. Go find one who will. Stop being a victim, put on your big boy pants and go find a way to buy that bigot’s book if you need it so badly.