[Deadline] Brendan Fraser Cast As Robotman In Doom Patrol Series

Brendan Fraser has been cast as one of the leads, Robotman/Cliff Steele, in DC Universe’s upcoming live-action series Doom Patrol, from Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros TV

Source: ‘Doom Patrol’: Brendan Fraser Cast As Robotman In DC Universe Series | Deadline

Fraser will voice Robotman & play Steele in flashbacks. Doom Patrol will be a spin-off of DC Universe’s first live action series, Titans. Jake Michaels played Cliff Steele/Robotman in the first season of Titans, so the (re)casting breaks continuity.

The steaming service’s series will also feature Cyborg, played by Joivan Wade, who is not Ray Fisher the guy who plays Cyborg in the movies. However, it is unclear if the DC Universe universe is yet another separate universe, I have a sinking feeling it is.