Brainiac On Banjo #007: Disney Bites Mickey’s Nose

When I was a kid, about every couple of days my mother said to me “bite your nose to spite your face.” I’m sure she had her reasons. What happened at Disney reminded me of this phrase, as last month the Mouse House fired director James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

In case you just got back from somewhere off-planet, Gunn was offed because he published a bunch of bad taste jokes on Twitter back in 2008 – that’s ten years ago, for those who lack sufficient digits. Of course, bad taste is in the mouth of the beholder, but even Gunn had second thoughts and he apologized for his sophistry quite some time ago. But those prone to outrage often find their vexation quickly calcified, and so they created a big stink. And by “some people,” I’m referring to the gaggle of giggling digerati reactionaries, including god’s gift to right-wing nutjobs, the Breithbart News Network. Evidently, they are offended that Gunn’s political values differ from theirs. Whatever. 

So, tell me, did you say or write anything ten years ago that differ from your current feelings? Have you ever changed your mind about anything? Have you ever sincerely apologized for something you’ve done? Gunn did, and, as stated, he did so long before all this broke out.

Of course, presently we live in an environment where if you do not apologize for your errors you are perceived by many as a crawling piece of shit. If you do apologize, the morally and politically pure regard you as a lying piece of shit. Thus, those who do not walk on water are screwed either way.

Personally, I have no doubt that I’ve said stuff that offended some people ten years ago. In fact, I’ve probably said stuff that offended people ten sentences ago. Have I ever apologized for my errant behavior? Yes, and each time it was a heartfelt apology. I’ve lived long enough to have a track record, and I do apologize simply because I am not Donald Trump.

Gunn has a lot of support out there, including virtually all of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast members and many others who toil within the public view – probably none more so than actor / athlete Dave Bautista. I get the impression that Bautista wouldn’t mind being let out of his contract to play Drax in the third Guardians movie, although he will be seen in the fourth Avengers movie, which has been already-filmed and, like the previous Avengers movie, also has Gunn’s participation.

Even Marvel has been encouraging their Disney masters to reinstate Gunn, according to the Hindustan Times. Thus far, the Mousemoneymen have kept a low profile. Perhaps they don’t want to look weak.

It occurs to me that the controversy over “political correctness” can be perceived two different ways. There is the political correctness of the left in its attempt to mold people’s speech to fit their vision of morality, and there is the political correctness of the right in its attempt to do the very same thing.

Feh! A plague on both their houses.

Yeah, so a decade ago James Gunn made some jokes that people found to be in bad taste… including James Gunn. The cybernazis dug them out, and Disney fired him. I guess that explains why Gilbert Gottfried isn’t in the live-action version of Mary Poppins Returns. But I did take a quick look at the cast of The Aristocrats, the 2005 documentary about the dirtiest joke ever told, and I see a lot of people on that list who have worked for Disney.

And unless you are a confirmed right-wingnut, which is doubtful because right now you are reading my stuff, any list of disgusting shitheads in Hollywood history must certainly include Walt Disney.