Jessica Jones Is Back in Comics in New Marvel Digital Line

She’s obviously still going to punch things (and fly…badly)

First of all, Jessica Jones is coming back to her own comic book with a fantastic creative team! Second, Marvel is embedding itself deeper into the mesh of multi-front content distribution.

Marvel has announced a new ongoing comic series that is surprisingly available today from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Mattia de Lulis.  Thompson’s run on Hawkeye with Kate Bishop was one of our favorites of recent years, and her working on Jessica Jones is exciting. According to editor Nick Lowe, “Kelly was actually suggested by Brian Michael Bendis, co-creator of Jessica, when he was wrapping the previous volume because he was impressed by her depiction of Jessica in Hawkeye. ” That seems to be enough for the Jessica fan to get on board.

From the writer’s perspective, Thompson has said, “We’ll be seeing classic Jessica Jones P.I., my favorite kind of Jessica. She’s obviously still going to punch things (and fly…badly) when opportunities present themselves—and they do that quite a bit—but at her core she’s the most exciting to me in her classic noir setting working as an investigator. ”

The interesting twist on this announcement that Marvel teased yesterday is that the series is part of a new platform called Marvel Digital Originals (MDO).  This is the first title in the line that is available today from Comixology and Marvel digital comic platforms. This platform is a digital first publishing strategy. Marvel has said the the in-continuity stories published in the MDO will be monthly in 40 page installments and that they will be collected in print after each arc is done.

Marvel is clearly aiming this platform to new readers, and Jessica is a logical character to use. Her appeal to the casual comic fan may not be as widespread as the fans of the Netflix series, and Marvel, like all other publishers, is looking to find ways to reach more readers outside of traditional brick and mortar comic shops.

Issues #2 will be available August 29th, and issue #3 will be released on September 26. Marvel is also expected to announce two more MDO series this weekend at SDCC.

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