G. Willow Wilson to Write Wonder Woman Comic in November

It’ll be a challenge to do her justice, but I like a challenge and can’t wait to get started.

One of the best comic book writers of the current generation is taking over the most iconic female lead character in her own series. That’s right! G. Willow Wilson is writing Wonder Woman starting in November.

DC publisher Dan DiDio revealed this surprise news on Wednesday’s episode of DC All-Access, the social media webshow for DC.

Through a statement released by DC, the writer said, “I’m delightedto be writing such an iconic character as Wonder Woman and to be working with DC once again, With more than 75 years of history, Wonder Woman has a wealth of backstory and drama to draw from, and I look forward to putting a spin on Diana and her supporting cast that’s both new, yet familiar. It’ll be a challenge to do her justice, but I like a challenge and can’t wait to get started.” 

Wilson, who brought Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, to comics, has been a Marvel exclusive talent for the last several years. She has worked for DC in the past, most notably on Cairo and Air for Vertigo, and also on Superman, Vixen, and The Outsiders. Her stories over the past few years include Ms. Marvel and the all-female Avengers, A-Force.

Wilson’s initial arc for Wonder Woman will be titled “The Just War” and will pair her with Cary Nord, most notably of Conan. It will begin in Wonder Woman #58, on sale November 14.

In our opinion, this is just what Wonder Woman needed, and we look forward to seeing where this story goes.





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