What Comic Have You Owned the Longest

Everyone has a part of their collection that is special to them. It might be something that you paid a lot of money for, or it could be something that you searched a long time for. It might be something that just touched you in an emotional way.

How about that piece that you have owned longer than anything else?

For me I have owned New Teen Titans #1 longer than any other comic in my collection. I wrote a long form piece about it here.

What about you?

Share in the comments what comic you have owned the longest. We would love to hear from you.

13 thoughts on “What Comic Have You Owned the Longest

  1. Ah, memories! The first comics I owned were Marvel’s Star Wars (1977) issues 7, 8 and 9. I found the three-pack in a dusty little corner of a discount store. I’m sure they were leftovers from the U.S. But they held new stories and they were in color!

    1. “and they were in color!” You should elaborate Onne, I’m not sure a lot of us Americans know how different the medium is/was in other countries <3

      1. Oops, sorry! A lot of the U.S. comics reprinted in the U.K. were in B&W back in the day. I don’t know if it were a cost saving measure or my older cousins had bootleg copies. Possibly a little of both.

      1. Bought it at the Rexall drugstore in Arnold Missouri. I started reading comics because of the George Reeves TV show. I originally thought the show came first and then they started putting out comic books about him.

        Adriane Nash: Yeah I liked Curt Swan very much. I have a page of original art by Swan and Anderson; page 14 of Superman #238. But the interior of Action #267 was by Wayne Boring, the artist who was the successor to Joe Shuster and the artist I still remember fondly.

  2. Firestorm #91 is the first comic I bought from a quarter bin in Arkansas. That and my godfather giving me a copy of The Dark Knight Returns when I was 8. Still have both.

    1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Gotta love those “quarter bins” that are now dollar boxes.

  3. I didn’t have many options for comic shopping as a kid in northern Michigan. I still have the issue of X-Factor #69 that I bought from a friend in the early 90’s.