DC Universe announces Digital Subscription Service

DC Universe announced today more details on its streaming media service. They are calling it a “digital subscription service”.  The initial details are aggressively optimistic on DC’s part.  What they are proposing is a “Netflix meets Comixology and goes on a double date with Amazon and Facebook” kind of scenario.

Fans can sign up today for an opportunity for beta access, which will open in August 2018. Beta access will give members a chance to test the new digital experience and provide valuable feedback on the early version of the service before it goes live later this fall 2018.

On the streaming video front, DC Universe is touting five original live-action and animated series which will be launching later this year and into 2019. The first live-action series to debut will be Titans, followed by Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol. DC Universe will kick off their animation slate with the fan favorites Young Justice: Outsiders and Harley Quinn.

There will also be DC superhero movies, animated films, and classic TV series available for streaming; from the Reeves Superman movies and 70’s Wonder Woman series to Constantine, Super Friends and Static Shock, as well as animated movies such as Gotham By Gaslight and All-Star Superman.

The video stuff was easy to predict based on earlier press releases, but a very interesting development is that tied into the DC Universe platform is a “curated” and “rotating” assortment of comics that will be available digitally for members on any visual platform (phone, PC, TV).  According to Dan DiDio, publisher, DC Entertainment, “This hand-curated selection from our decades of comic creations gives fans a thematic digital longbox to carry with them on the device of their choosing”.  Members will also be able to download comics for offline reading.

DC UNIVERSE goes beyond streaming to deliver a deeply engaging experience; members can watch, read, connect, explore, win and shop, all in one place

Besides the video and the comics, there are more new perks to this subscription platform. It also include fan community aspects that allow members to interact with the media and each other. There will also be “exclusive” access to some DC Collectibles as well as direct access to a wide variety of readily available DC Collectible merchandise.

DC Entertainment is certainly swinging for the fences here in an attempt to give their fans a single pane of glass access to their properties.  Still no word has been released on pricing and when subscriptions will be available. They have announced that DC Universe will be available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV, as well as computer and mobile web browsers.

Stay tuned to PopCultureSquad as we will continue to bring you the information and analysis of what DC Entertainment hopes to be a “first-of-its kind digital subscription service.”

Source: Introducing DC Universe: A First-of-its-Kind Digital Subscription Service Designed Especially For Fans | DC